Bloom, Baby, Bloom

hello third trimester, goodbye feet!

Baby Boy E and I have made it into our third trimester! Every single day I feel his kicks, twists, turns, and rolls grow stronger which is so amazing and reassuring (and also overwhelming!) I sometimes can’t believe I’ve grown another human being for all these months, and then he bounces up and down on my bladder and I’m reminded again of our progress! There’s no stopping this baby from blooming and growing!

baby boy, you are our sunshine 🌻

bUmPDATE: This week I had a routine pre-natal appointment to check my blood pressure, weight, baby’s heartbeat and measurement. Everything is measuring and progressing perfectly and the blessing of that is not lost on me. Sometimes I am amazed at what this body of mine is doing and capable of- so many changes that it is handling so well. One thing that I haven’t been really open about is that it took over a year to feel this joy and accomplish a pregnancy. That journey and time passed was not easy and I’m thankful daily for this miracle, despite some of my complaints of the not-so-beautiful moments of pregnancy.

I also had some bloodwork done at my appointment. I drank the “dreaded” orange Glucola drink and I’m here to tell you that I personally found it to be palatable. It tasted like a melted orange popsicle and did not make me feel ill in the least. So if any other expecting mamas out there are falling victim to the hype- I’m here to tell you that it wasn’t bad at all and it’s totally survivable! All this to say that thankfully my gestational diabetes screening came back normal- although we did discover that I am anemic. I have low blood iron count, so I’ll be supplementing my regimen with some ferrous sulfate tablets and orange juice to help with absorption.

Today’s outfit is simple and all items are linked in the app for you to shop! The white dress I’m wearing is not a maternity dress but it’s definitely flowy and bump friendly. I love the light weight summery fabric and adorable ruffles. I also really like the classic plaid print and canvas material of my bag- making it easy to transition between seasons. I purchased a bag organizer to go inside, because I was fearful the bucket style would make it difficult to find things in the bag. I linked the organizer as well, it comes in a bunch of colors to match any bag interior.

Thanks for continuing to follow along! I hope you all have a sunny ☀️ Sunday! 🌻💛

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