An Aspiring Gent

Hi everyone- meet Lou! He’s a local, self-proclaimed aspiring gentleman that is already working towards inspiring other men to actually care about fashion. Let’s just say our hometown isn’t the fashion capital of, well, anything! But with Lou’s experience as a tailor along with his active Instagram, YouTube channel and Podcast, we sense there might be a revolution in our midst! If you have a special guy in your life that could use some guidance in the clothing department, share today’s blog post and Lou’s Instagram @aspiring_gent to give them that gentle nudge. His feed is full of classic and easy to attain menswear looks, and everything is very much on trend. Also- he and his wife are just the cutest pair! His videos and topical posts include everything from how to proper mix patterns, tips of how jeans should properly fit and even shirt ironing hacks! We asked him to take over the blog today and do a capsule wardrobe of his favorite pieces to help an everyday guy steadily build interchangeable looks for every day! We hope you enjoy!

What is a truly interchangeable wardrobe? To those I’ve met who have never thought more than if an item was clean before they put it on, believed they have an interchangeable wardrobe already. They wear anything with everything so of course it’s “interchangeable”. They’re wrong! Sorry to be so blunt, but to experience great change you must be willing to embrace it.But what I’m about to share with you could very well be life changing if you’re willing to accept it.

The greatest thing about this idea is that no matter your culture, race, creed or anything in between this message is for you. This “interchangeable” wardrobe is by no means a one-fits-all where I expect everyone to dress in an ivy league sweater vest. But everything in my list can be worked into everyone’s style and looks good on anyone!


Let’s start with the basics. Like any good relationship we want to take things slow. The best part about this is you probably already have a few of these items already, but what’s most important is the fit and condition they are in. Colors and patterns can vary but it’s safe to say that a white or black will look good on anyone. As far as fit, a nice & snug fit in the shoulders and arms is recommended with a loose fit in the body. For the thin guy a slim fit is perfect and a larger man gets a more classic fit for properly hiding any unwanted curves.


Again you may already have a pair, but look at them in the mirror. Are they sagging on your hips or in the butt? Are they bunching at the feet? Get that fixed then we can talk colors!

There are many types of jeans. I recommend 3 types- dark blue, medium blue, and black.


Comfort is key but, guys, there are plenty of comfortable and stylish options. I advise a pair of sneakers (that aren’t for athletic use) and also dress shoes.

Casual first, find a shoe that you personally like, colors that intrigue you and a style that fits your vibe. I recommend a solid white pair or something with very neutral colors like brown, black, beige. For the dress shoes get brown leather without a square tip front. These can be worn as the base of all the outfits.

Button ups

If jeans are meat and potatoes, button ups are the gravy. Just like shoes we have a formal and casual style. Formal are easy, solid white and light blue are a must and will cover you for any occasion. For fun you can branch out and find what speaks to you. Flannels for winter, floral for summer, stripe, gingham, paisley, dot, anything! Have some fun here and experiment. The reason why these are so important is they tie you to a higher level of dressing than a t-shirt and keeps your outfits interesting. Plus for some reason when things have buttons on them they are more fancy. Don’t ask why it’s just a thing.

The blue/gray suit.

This is the most formal but it is my favorite for many reasons. There’s a time in everyone’s life where you need to be dressed up- for funerals, weddings, and so on. But this suit can be used for so much more than what you may be familiar with. Take off the jacket and wear the pants to a semi casual date. Take the jacket with your dark jeans and have a semi formal look. Even wearing it with your t-shirt and sneakers for a normal everyday look. By this point I hope I’ve helped you get more comfortable with the idea of dressing up because why the flip not!

When I say this just scratches the surface I mean it. Clothing has the power to change your life and it has for me. But this is not the post to talk about that topic in depth. I will leave you with this: Clothing has a direct connection with how we view ourselves. And when we can control that narrative it unlocks a stream of opportunities. If you want to talk about what clothing can do for you I’d love to connect! -Lou

*you can shop each piece from Lou’s interchangeable wardrobe on our page! Click here:

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