Third Trimester Essentials

Hi Friends! Happy October! I can’t believe I am just weeks (maybe even days!) away from Charlie’s birth day.

To be entirely truthful, I haven’t really added any new items to my regimen in this last trimester, just sticking to my tried and true products from the first two to help me through. So instead, I’m sharing the products and items I’ve packed in my hospital bag to prepare for the big day. Since the big event is the most important, consider this post my third trimester essentials list.

Not everything I’m packing is pictured. Most of the necessary personal products I’ve packed are available at Target and I linked all items on the app. (Click here)

The custom swaddle and matching mommy-and-me robe and baby outfit are made of the softest fabric EVER. I wasn’t able to link to the site but they are all from Caden Lane.

I’ve also made the following checklist to help other moms-to-be as they also plan and prepare for their arrival, because some days pregnancy brain is real and it’s okay to need helpful reminders so nothing gets forgotten or left behind.

Lastly, the following is a short list of things I was told NOT to pack. With the exception of one item*** I’ll be leaving these non essentials behind at home.

Apparently the hospital gives all the diapers and wipes needed for baby during your stay. We will take advantage of that and save the diapers we have at home. I also heard leggings, though ultimately comfortable, aren’t the best item to wear to go home in (due to the flattering thickness and size of the postpartum mesh underwear and pads 🙈). I’ve opted to pack soft jogger sweatpants and nursing friendly loungewear, plus nursing friendly nightgowns. Along those same lines, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to try squeeze into jeans or anything uncomfortable after labor, plus nice or dressy pieces have the potential to get ruined. I heard there isn’t any time for extra activities, even for distraction purposes. So we are leaving books, movies, laptops, etc at home. Everything we could want to access we could always get on our phones anyway. I’ll be bringing a few snacks for Patrick and maybe for extra energy for me if I’m permitted to eat, but have heard of people overpacking these things. And lastly, I read that the hospital provides lots of pillows to assist with comfort and nursing and that nursing pillows just take up space, but a wise mutual momma friend of mine told me to bring the pillow, even if I don’t use it for nursing it may bring me some comfort to sit on after labor (like a donut pillow!)

And of course to consolidate and organize I’m using my favorite amazon packing cubes to maximize bag space. I linked my bag and the cubes on also. (Click here) Boxes are checked, bag is packed- baby boy, we are ready when you are!!! 💙

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