Over the years

It’s been almost SIX years since my friendship with Emmy unfolded. Those six years have been life changing for both of us. Aside from the usual growth as girls becoming adult women, a lot has changed and blossomed.

Over the years Emmy has provided me with endless content of myself. Photographs I will cherish and have for the rest of my life. Moments where I felt insecure, lost and broken, but still smiled for the “perfect content” for this blog.

When I asked Emmy if she would photograph Ange and I for the blog back in 2016, I knew it would be something so great. Not only for Ange and I, but for Emmy too!

I look back on these last six years and humbled to say how much growth I have done and these photos show just that. Emmy, I thank you for that. These photos show timeless images of my smile, my attitude, my different shades of hair color, my bloopers of awkward poses, my fashion trend changes and most importantly my body as a young woman.

Her work is more than just snapping the camera. She is someone who wants you to feel yourself, be proud of where you are in this moment and just have some fun!

True friends just do that – they help us grow and change for the better. They support us in good times and bad. They can make us laugh when all we want to do is cry.

I hope you enjoy this weeks post of timeless memories

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