Due Date / 40 Weeks

Hey little dude, it’s your Aunt Allie.

Your mama doesn’t know this weeks blog post is about you and her. But I wanted to give you both a little surprise.

Since you haven’t made your grand entrance quite yet, I wanted to tell you how strong your mama really is.

She not only has grown you inside of her perfect body, but she has been the best big sister I could ever ask for. I wrote you both a little letter to show how much I love you both and how excited I am to meet you.

Today is your official due date, but also the blogs 5th Birthday. No pressure, but today could be a really cool day to come 😉

I am so excited for you, and all of the joy, love and changes this baby will bring to you and Patrick. You have waited, wished and prayed for this for a long time and you will soon see it was all worth the wait. Despite frustrations with trying to get pregnant, you remained so loving, sweet and positive, and treated everyone around you with total excitement and happiness. You’ve handled this pregnancy with grace and the requisite good sense of humor needed to power through all of the joys and “joys” of pregnancy. You laughed when you had to roll off the couch and when shoes got challenging. You embraced ditching everything but stretchy leggings in these last few weeks. You know that at this point, comfort wins. I can’t wait to be there with you and watch you and baby Charlie grow and help you in every way I can help. You deserve every tiny, sweet baby moment you’ve waited so long for. I’m sure there is no way to describe the love you will feel for your own child. I’m sure at times it will be overwhelming and amazing and crazy, all at once but I’m sure the first time you hold baby Charlie in your arms, nothing else will matter. You have the kindest heart and you were destined to be a wonderful mother. I believe it’s your sense of purpose. I know I don’t know anything about motherhood, but I’ve watched you, watch me the last 27 years of my life. I wouldn’t be the strong woman I am today without a sister like you. I would not be on my own two feet without your support along the way. This world is forever unpredictable, but I know one thing is certain, your comfort to love another human being is unlike any other. I love you sister. I am so proud of you. You made it full term , 40 weeks of carrying your baby. Don’t be scared, because it’s my turn to take care of you now. You’ve been doing it you’re whole life and I promise to do everything I can to be the person to lean on. Thanks for doing the blog these last five years but also , providing this miracle into all of our lives.

We are all so excited to meet you! I can’t believe you will be here any day now. You have been in the works for far longer than these last nine months. Your mom has always wanted to be a mom, sometimes so bad, she forgot she was my big sister and not my mom. I’m so excited I get to be your aunt! I can’t wait to hold you for the first time and touch your tiny fingers and toes. When you come to visit I promise to have lots of toys, books and treats around. When you are older, I promise to take you to movies and be your fun, crazy auntie Allie. I can’t promise I will never embarrass you in front of your friends or never ask about your love life, but I can promise I will encourage you and feed your imagination and creativity. Uncle Andy will teach you how to play hockey and all he knows about being the cool kid in school. We hope you feel like you can tell us anything and that we can be shoulders to lean on with a room in our house to come stay at whenever you want (especially when your mom is driving you crazy.. I totally get it). My heart can barely contain itself, I’m so ready for you! I can’t wait to hear your little laugh, that makes me laugh harder and louder. I can’t wait to spoil you the way I was spoiled. You couldn’t of come into this world at a better time for everyone. We love you so much lil guy, and we haven’t even met you yet. That’s truly love at first sight. See you so soon CP.

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