Worth Melting For

Yesterday was my 31st Birthday. So I put on my mom jeans and headed out for an igloo dining experience on the lake!

I had just shopped the J. Crew sale so I was dressed head to toe in my favorite brand for the occasion. I scored a bunch of darling pieces (like the red tartan plaid skirt), and some classic staples too (like my favorite tissue turtle necks!)

On a serious note- I just wanted to thank you all so very much for reaching out to me yesterday to wish me a Happy Birthday. After the distanced year we’ve all had, it’s still nice to feel connected.
Last year, on my 30th birthday, I blew out my candles and said a silent prayer. All I wanted was a little baby- to finally become a mom and to make Patrick a dad. And just a few weeks later we found out that wish came true. I spent my 30th year growing our son on the inside and then on the outside. And I feel that I’ve been blessed with everything I could ever want.
I’m going into 31 with a very grateful heart. 💙Cheers to this next year!🥂

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