Always Twinning

Run (don’t walk!) to your nearest Target… We found the perfect jackets for spring!

Why we love them:

• Soft, quilted fabric

• Slightly puffered

• Easy to layer

• Pretty color options

• Chic funnel neck style

And truly, any excuse to coordinate with each other is a good enough reason to make the purchase! But certainly worth it for only $20 in store!

On a slightly more serious note, and to maintain total honesty and transparency, we’d like to address something. Originally we took these photos with our pups for a collaboration campaign with a company that we thought was charitable and trustworthy. We recently were made aware that after this company asked for our participation and sent us their products that their website was shut down. It is a company that made items for dogs and owners and claimed they donated portions of their proceeds to animal rescue organizations, something that we both feel deeply about and whole heartedly support. Their business on the outside looked completely legitimate with a professional website and over 1 million Instagram followers. However, their website was recently shut down and there have been multiple complaints that have surfaced about their claims of donating to charity being blatant lies to get more business and support. We do not at all condone this nor do we want to promote a business like this. We feel fooled and even though we felt we did our due diligence before agreeing to work with a brand, it was not enough this time.

We actually confronted the company via direct messaging and have yet to receive a response back or an explanation, which makes it even more troubling.

We will not take this time or opportunity to list the name of the company. What we will do instead is to list our favorite local crafty gals that we feel confident could create similar items for our followers and their fur babies, and then list our favorite local animal shelters that would greatly appreciate a donation as well.

Local Crafty Gals: Morgan @steeltoebow, Ariel, Tina @tinastitchandmore

Local Animal Shelters: @theannashelter (Alice is an Anna Shelter rescue dog), @eriehumanesociety, @orphanangels

We made the conscious decision to still post and share the photos today, because not only do we work hard to create quality content, but also want to continue to be honest and up front with you and prove to you that we do have our followers’ and our community’s best interest at heart. We will never knowingly promote anything we do not believe in.

Love to you all! 🐾💕

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