Pajama Party

I had a few ideas for this weekend’s blog post. I’ll be real with you, my mind has kind of been all over the place lately. So instead of stressing about it, knowing in my heart that you all are “my people” that would certainly understand, I took it easy yesterday and spent almost the whole day in my pajamas with my little boy and it was just the best! One thing led to another, as they do, and we had a little photo shoot 😂 it was fun and now we have these pics to share at least!

Both of our jammies are from Amazon, I linked them in the app, (click here!) along with items pictured in his nursery.

Charlie is 6 1/2 months old now! Some days it is so hard to believe that time is passing so quickly!
I’m probably going to order another set, or two!, of these pajamas for myself. They are a very soft waffle knit fabric and I love the relaxed fit.
My little bestie 💙

We hope you enjoyed your weekend as well! Maybe you can take today to have your own pajama party… we will probably be doing the same thing again too! xo

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