Birthdays always put me into a super reflective mood. I love to think about the future and reminisce about the past, to show how far I’ve grown in just one year.

Over this last year, I have changed the way I talk to myself, the way I view myself, and have changed where I invested my energy.

My twenties have been so enriching and I always get excited on birthdays reflecting and knowing that so much is to come that I can’t even imagine or anticipate. I treat each birthday like a “new year” and I do some goal setting.

As an Enneagram type 2, I struggle at times to do what’s best for me if I think that it’ll have a negative effect on others. I have started to learn how to have a healthy balance. I can’t pour from any empty cup. I have also vowed NOT to change who I are to satisfy other people.

Sharing some of my favorite memories this past birthday week

With love and excitement

Allie, 28

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