Kiss Kiss

I am not usually one to shop around in regards to make-up. My regimen is very basic and I usually stick with what I like and when I run out, I go out and re-purchase the same product to replace it. However, I had seen the Kiss Cushion lip stains by Revlon at the drug store and grocery store on a few occasions and have always been curious about using a lip stain, so I took the plunge and I am very happy I did!

( I am not payed or compensated in any way for this recommendation post, this is just because I think this product is worth reviewing!)

Here are the pros:
– I love the cushion applicator, it is so easy to use and evenly distributes the color.
– The shade I’m wearing is “Naughty Mauve” and I think it is perfect and appropriate for many occasions. You could easily layer a gloss over top for more of a glam look.
– the very affordable price tag and accessibility of the product

And for the cons:
– The color is very pigmented when you first apply it to your lips (I guess for some this could be a pro) so I find dabbing it on my lips and then rubbing it in with my finger makes the color look more subtle for a more everyday look.
-There are not many colors to choose from, and of course since it is drug store make-up, there are no “testers” to see what the colors will look like on you, so you may need to experiment for your skin tone.

All in all I really do love this product and will definitely be purchasing another lip stain in the future.

Have a great week! 💄💋

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