Let Me Count The Ways

Today’s blog post utilizes a classic staple wardrobe piece like this ever popular houndstooth blazer in three different looks to boast its versatility. I have had a similarly printed blazer in a shorter, more dressy version for years. When I saw this one on sale recently I had to have it too. My original is one of my most worn pieces, I gravitate toward it constantly. This version is longer and has an open front and ruched sleeves giving off a slightly more casual vibe.

If I had to sum up my favorite go-to style in a few words, it would be classic, timeless pieces with preppy and casual twist. I think having this blog over the years has helped me to step out of my fashion box a little more than I normally would. While trends are not my thing, I sometimes like to push the envelope of my own personal style.

If you told me several years ago that I would be wearing wide legged pants and non-skinny jeans, I would have laughed and said you were out of your mind! But in the past few months wide legged trousers and my “mom jeans” have become fast favorites. I know some may think this transition in tailoring is not a big deal, but it is for me!

A lot of times, I can look overdressed or my very classic outfits can age me, so I think adding in a little bit of a trend can tone things down and also keep me in my age range. The outfits you see above are pretty much a day to day uniform for me. I wear these outfits for work, or out and about.

This blazer is so great because it’s comfortable, seasonless, and mostly classic! I put a lot of thought into my outfits, all while attempting to make it seem as if it comes together effortlessly. Classic pieces help me achieve just that.

The other items in these outfits are all made up of staples, so you should be able to recreate them at home no problem! It’s always wise to have a favorite blazer, a solid turtleneck, good denim, black leggings, and practical shoes in your arsenal! With those items, you can mix and match and create many different looks!

This exact blazer and other similar styles are linked in the LIKEtoKNOW.it app for you to shop!

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