Purse Plunge

Honestly, it has been months since I purchased a handbag. Anyone that has known me or followed me for awhile know that my purse obsession has always been REAL, so this was an unusual hiatus in adding to my collection.

A simple explanation: My husband gifted me the most beautiful navy blue Tory Burch Lee Radziwill for my first Mother‘s Day this year back in May. It has been my bag of choice ever since the day I opened it and truly will continue to be for years. It’s such a timeless classic.

Without wanting to invest in another high end bag that I may not carry as often, as well as wanting one I feel more comfortable putting everyday wear and tear on, my eye was caught by this plaid satchel from (of all places) Target!

It checked all my boxes: affordable, durable, roomy, and a print and colorway that could be carried in all seasons. The only problem, it kept selling out!

When I tell you that I stalked this item, I’m not exaggerating. I used the app to send me notifications of a restock, and as soon as I would get a notification I couldn’t get on and add to my cart fast enough before it sold out again. This cycle went in for DAYS! I even contacted customer service to try to get on some sort of preorder list, to no avail.

Finally after much persistence and perseverance I scored one! It continues to be a low stock item, but I’ll be the first to tell you NEVER GIVE UP on something you love!

You can shop this outfit on the LTK.it app: click here

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