You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

2021 easily became the best year of my life… so far! And though it is wonderfully nostalgic to reminisce back on all of the memories made, I’ve never been more hopeful and excited for a new year, for 2022.

Years ago, before baby, New Years Eve was an opportunity to get dressed up and celebrate in style, with sequins and champagne. Perhaps if a lavish party was in the plan for this year, I would’ve worn this Alfred Sung ensemble and linked the outfit details to share with you.

Motherhood has since changed my priorities, and for me, I’ve never been more fulfilled spending a night in, in my pajamas, and falling asleep well before midnight.

Yes I’m defined by motherhood right now, and that’s okay. I’ve waited my whole life to be in this moment, to be a mom. It’s a finite period in life, and I embrace it. He needs me now. Less so than he did a year ago, and more than he ever will again. One day he won’t babble to me nonstop, follow me into the bathroom, or want to be in my arms when he’s sad.

Those tiny hands with dimples won’t reach up to touch my face when he’s tired. In fact his hands probably won’t even be dimpled much longer. Right now he chooses me. I’m his comfort and safe place. I’m honored to be the one he calls home. And that’s why, first and foremost, I’m defined by motherhood. I never felt the need to say goodbye to who I was before, just a warm hello to what is to come next in this new beautiful chapter of my life. I can hardly wait to experience what more is in store.

Here’s looking at you, 2022!

Wishing you all health and happiness in the new year!

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