Tropical ParadICE

Happy Sun ☀️ day!!! Last weekend we had the absolute pleasure and privilege of making a special visit to the new Downtown Erie Rita’s!

It is a fun and convenient location, right at 427 State Street

We appreciated learning that this location is family owned and operated by Liz, who will be teaching her own son all about the business as well! We love to support our Erie people!

From the moment we got there, Charlie was eager to try allllllll the flavors! And he even got a Rita’s plushie!
Charlie & Mama approved!
LOL that’s my boy!

Liz has a lot of knowledge and happily taught us all about the sweet treats! We learned that the custard and ice flavors are made fresh in the store, and some flavors are made with actual fresh fruit! Their location keeps anywhere from 16-20 flavors available for customers to choose from, so there is something for everyone to love!

Liz and her staff allowed us to watch the process of making Italian ice, and Charlie started learning the ropes early! He will be ready for his first job in no time!

While we were there, we were allowed to try the NEW seasonal ice flavor that will be available soon! It’s going to be called Tropical ParadICE and it is a refreshing and delicious guava passionfruit blend! We highly highly recommend- keep an eye out for its announced release!

Overall this visit was *chef’s kiss* and we can’t wait to come back soon!

Special thanks to Katie for arranging our visit. And the biggest spoonful of gratitude to Liz who was beyond enthusiastic, welcoming, and gracious during the entirety of our time with her at Downtown Erie Rita’s!

Please support this business by stopping in for a cool refreshing treat and by following them on Instagram: @eriedowntownritas

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