Simply Pearl-fect

Traditionally each year on this weekend our posts on this space have been covering MDW sales or things that kick off the unofficial start of summer, but I can’t help but feel like it’s all a bit trivial in light of the Uvalde shooting this week. As a mom (and as a person) the thought of losing so many, so needlessly, and so violently is unbearable. I keep stopping myself in the midst of feeling joy, thinking that another family is having the worst week of their entire lives in this very moment.
I feel helpless in the situation but know
that we cannot remain feeling hopeless. Don’t believe the lie that nothing you do or say matters. Take action, however you can. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted from the important work you were put here to do. Everyone has a purpose- do what you can, and what you must, with the resources you have available.

I do have something fashion-related I’d planned to share with you, so if it’s not something you’re interested in/ready for, know that I understand.

So here’s me, with another post on a pearl-embellished garment that brought me some cheer this week.

Even with the weather warming up, I’m forever adding to my sweater and cardigan collection for work or for cooler nights. I wanted to style these new Pearl Cardigans that I just received. They are from a new-to-me brand called Boston Proper and they are so pretty. I chuckled to myself as I browsed the site because the brand mentions styling women over 40. I’ve always dressed a little bit more modest and mature for my age and so, if anything, my new pieces have me ready for the suddenly trendy “coastal grandmother” summer!

I have seen this style cardigan popping up all over Instagram for over a year now. I was holding off because I couldn’t find one at a good price point AND good quality. Then these went on sale for Mother’s Day and I decided to place my order. I chose the pink color first because I have plenty of ivory sweaters. Once I received the pink I had to have the ivory too. These pieces are so classically versatile with a touch of pearly finesse. Both colors can (and will) be styled dressed up or down, over and over again. The pink is a brighter color than the picture on the website appears, but is really nice and cheerful in person.

Other reviews said it fits true to size. I would say it has a generous fit. I typically wear a size small or medium in cardigans and I would say it fits more like a standard medium. But the slight bit of extra room will be fine for layering and draping.

Wishing you a warm and Happy Memorial Day weekend. Let us remember all our heroes who have left us while saving our lives and our country.

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