Coastal Grandmother Comeback

Another week gone by, and the term ‘coastal grandmother’ is still currently making its rounds on social media. I kind of chuckle at trends like these that pop up. Grandmillenial, coastal grandmother… basically just other terms to describe traditional taste and style but people turn it into more of a personality trait than just style.

Though I pride myself on not being a ‘regular’ mom, but a ‘cool’ mom- practicality is often at the forefront of my fashion choices lately. And I’m not ashamed of my traditional, and more modest style. I’ve posted a few pictures on my personal account documenting the beginning of our summer pool season. I’ve been wearing these pretty floral rash guards and after each post I’ve gotten messages asking about them.

I found these patterned rash guards on Amazon- they aren’t the best quality, there are plenty of high-end options on the market, but these do the job just as well. They are SPF 50 and are comfortable and fit well. The bright colors and lovely floral iterations are actually really beautiful in person too. I don’t wear anything expensive in the pool because the chlorine wreaks havoc on swimwear pretty quickly. These are under $30 and I won’t feel as badly once these begin to fade and stretch from the sun and water exposure.

Though less glamorous than literally any other piece of swimwear 😂 I’ll happily sport a long sleeved rash guard to protect my skin and best of all, for functionality in playing and splashing with my toddler without a care in the world! 💙

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