To the non planner brides

It’s been a minute since I’ve been on here.

To tell you the truth, ALOT and I mean ALOT of changes have happened since May for Andy and I both, but we are soaking in all the good energy and what’s to come of these new changes.

First and foremost, officially being my own boss has changed my entire perspective on life. The flexibility to come and go as needed and clients that respect my personal life outside of my business is what made that decision so easy to make. I am truly enjoying more and more every single day.

Andy, is now a manager at one of our local banks and absolutely thriving in his new position. We started around the same time and it’s been pretty incredible to lean on each other during these positive changes. He’s worked long and hard and continues to show his dedication to the business.

Now to the purpose of todays blog post.

This one goes out too all my non-planner brides out there — if anyone knows me I am the worst decision maker on the planet. The thought of planning a big wedding was never on my radar and I give the credit to every single person who has ever planned one.

As for Andy and I, a non traditional, low key wedding is exactly what both of us want.

So far planning has been smooth sailing and everything has fallen into place and truly budget friendly.

With Andy and I ultimately realizing we want to prioritize our time and money for a house and other activities to come, this has been perfect for us

I’ve rounded up the important things of my planning so far that were a request (more so of mine) 🤣 into our day.

Photographer : Samantha Zenewicz , one of my best girlfriends, a beyond talented photographer and ultimately, Sam was the one who picked our wedding date. HAHA. It was a weekend she was available and already in town that I let her choose for us. She thought I was crazy, but thankfully knows who I am and knows I literally do not care.

Videographer: Hannah Forrest , is someone I’ve gotten to know the last couple of years, and met her at two weddings I was in. Her personality itself makes you feel so warm and welcomed. I knew I needed to have her capture our special day. All the plans I envisioned she was already ahead of me.

Makeup: Katelyn Pace , the most important human of all time I wanted/needed for my special day. I always let her do her thing and every time makes me more beautiful than the time before.

Hair: Sarah Lauer & Jenn Powierza , two incredible woman I couldn’t imagine not having there on the morning of. Two of my very dear friends that will allow me to relax and not work on my wedding day 🤣

Reception: Gem City Diner , this I have to give credit to Andy. We were thinking long and hard after our first dinner option was no longer available. We LOVE spending some Sunday mornings over at Gem City Diner and he thought what more intimate for us then a diner we truly love and enjoy going too. Elanie and Rich have been sooooo amazing and making this part of wedding planning easy and exciting. We trust them whole heartedly that seriously anything they do is going to be perfect.

Decor: Tequila Wall , If you know Andy and I — tequila is our go too. Since I we really want to make the reception more of a happy hour get together this was the only request I had for decor at the diner. Andy’s brother Michael is beyond handy and is creating this masterpiece. Probably something I’m most excited about.

Signature Drink , since our Arna girl won’t be there, we wanted to have a signature drink named after our fluff ball at the party.

Next week we take our engagement pictures with Sam! I can’t wait to share those with you all!

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