Decisions, Decisions

I have a fun evening event coming up this week, and I need your help choosing my outfit!

I’m torn between two very different looks: Option 1 is a flouncy floral number, because technically it’s still “summer” and the temperatures are still moderately warm. Look how happy this sweet little pattern is!

Outfit number 2 is full-on fall. It’s a ladylike cream tweed coat dress with 3/4 length sleeves. I love the scallop detail and classy pearl buttons. It’s in the running for the event because a. I love it so much and b. The event is fall themed…

Which outfit will you choose? Please vote in my Instagram story today @inourstyleblog. I will be sure post my complete (more put-together) look the night of the event so you can see if your choice “won” and also to do the dress justice.

You can shop both outfits in the app by clicking here:

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