Wedding Week

Here we go, I can’t believe I’m typing that I’m getting married in FIVE days. I’m seriously in awe with how quickly and easy everything has been for us.

This day is something we’ve been looking forward too. A room filled with people we handpicked to spend the night with and celebrate our love 🤍

We have felt nothing but support, excitement, and joy from everyone during our planning period. Andy and I decided weeks after getting engaged, we wanted to be married as soon as we could.

We’ve been together eight years, and truly have been through everything. We didn’t want to waste another day not being married to each other.

We’ve attended so many weddings together, and watched some of our best friends get married. Now, it’s our turn

I’ve wrapping up all things I’m preparing this week for the fun day on Friday —


+ ring cleaning

+ hair & nails appointments

+ pickup at bridal elegence

+ finalize vows

+ timeline of what the day will look like

+ goodie bags for the morning of crew

+ facetime photographer & videographer

+ drop off reception materials

+ iron get ready & wedding day outfit

+ spray tan at liquid glam

+ “rehearsal” dinner with andy

Becoming the Blakely’s 🤍

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