All The Fall Things

Heading into this October, I knew it was going to be a busy month with several events. Whenever there is a lot of exciting things on the schedule sometimes I find myself anticipating the next thing coming, rather than being in the moment and taking things day by day.

Despite everything already planned, I also had a list of things I wanted to get out and do this month, especially with Charlie. Everything is more fun with a little one, and the peak of Autumn is no exception.

To keep us focused and present, I came up with a Fun-tober list to start in October 1st. It is a list of 31 items to do to help us enjoy this month thoroughly.

Anyone that knows me knows I love a good checklist, and so once I got started it was easy to come up with 31 things. Essentially it’s been a goal to check off one each day. Halfway through the month and we’ve completed 15/31 and are right on track.

So here is a look at the last 15 days- 1 photo per day!

1- Attend Oktoberfest, and eat a Sauerkraut ball.
2- Visit Mason Farms Pumpkintown
3- Watch the Nightmare Before Christmas
4- Paint a Pumpkin
5- Do a Fall Craft
6- Read a new Halloween book
7- Attend Allie + Andy’s wedding- a top event of this month!
8- Have a Pajama Party
9- Visit Port Farms
10- Play at the Playground
11- Play with Fall Stickers
12- Collect Pinecones
13- Watch The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
14- Visit Brant’s Apple Orchard
15- Attend Fall Fest

I’ve loved this process of collecting memories so much that it’s something I might implement again. I’ve found myself really enjoying every single day with a new activity to do, instead of feeling like the time is fleeting. Time passing is so shockingly evident nowadays.

Obviously my list was personalized to our month, but there are lots of items that anyone feeling inspired to make their own list could use!

I realize this type of blog post is a little bit different from our typical content on here. And I know you all are awaiting more details from Allie’s incredible wedding day. As we await the professional photos, I hope you enjoyed a look into life lately 💙

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