The White Dress from RedDress

Ya’ll the white tweed coat dress finally had her MOMENT this week!

If you can recall, I posted a poll back in MARCH (yes… March) about a dress I had been coveting from RedDress Boutique. Not one person “talked me out of buying it…” (thank you for the support!) So she made her way into my closet many months ago.

Apologies for the lighting, but this photo was the day the package arrived and the dress fit like a glove, exactly how I eagerly anticipated.
The details of the dress are so stunning. From the beautiful quality fabric to the ladylike scallops, to the intricate pearl buttons.

I think I loved this dress so much that I was hesitant to wear it first to just any event, I kept making excuses, I think wanting to savor it for just the right moment, while also wanting to be sure it was seasonally appropriate. The ivory color with a heavier tweed fabric sort of threw me. I had contemplated wearing it last month to a fall event, but you all chose a floral dress for me instead. So the white dress from RedDress continued to wait her turn.

Finally, just this week, the perfect plans popped up. Patrick and I were invited to attend a dinner and a show event through one of his work contacts. I knew right away it was white dress time!

So on Thursday night we headed to the Erie Club for a delicious dinner, and then to the newly renovated, historic Warner Theater for a Broadway show.

The night was so magical I have just a few snapshots from the evening, hence the bathroom mirror selfie.

It is amazing to me that our “small town” is able to bring in such a massive and successful production, like Disney’s Aladdin. It makes me so proud to live here and grateful to continue to experience these events without having to travel to a bigger city.
I’ve always loved this theater, as a performer and an audience member.
Shining, shimmering, splendid.

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