To new beginnings

2022 – you were everything to us.
2023 – you’ve got some big shoes to fill.

It’s with HAPPY hearts that Angela & I have decided to take a new route for inourstyleblog. We have been so passionate these last 7 years creating real and true content about our fashion and lifestyle, that we have both agreed it’s been a little tricky to keep up with sometimes. Our lives are crazy, in the most amazing ways!

This isn’t goodbye, it’s just a new great chapter with how we want to approach moving forward.

We want to sincerely thank each and everyone of you for following us for 7 years. We are still so amazed that we both have kept this up so consistently for so long and humbled that we kept you all so interested.

Even though you’ll be seeing us a bit less, we hope that you’ll still continue to follow and enjoy inourstyleblog in a new way 🖤

To new beginnings, to beautiful creations, and endless content! Happy new year followers, we love you!

Xoxo – Allie & Ange

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