Holiday Shopping


As we prepare to move out of our apartment, I rounded up all items I purchased during the holiday shopping season!

I refuse to ever pay things full price. My mama always taught me that the clearance racks are your best friends.

There’s always something so exciting about redecorating a new space. I’m so excited to see it all come together, Arna girl adjusting to her new surroundings, and truly just hosting some amazing get togethers

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Shop all these items below!

6 x 9 Area Rug // Gallery Wall Light // Beige Sheets

King Comforter // Checkered Throw // Vacuum

Leather Sofa // 70” TV // Towel Warmer

Ohio Wine Weekend

Today is a fun travel guide because I’m sharing a quick little weekend getaway gem! My husband and I had been planning and looking forward to a trip to Geneva, Ohio and it did not disappoint.

For Erie locals, you are going to love this spot because it’s only a 45 minute drive- from Cleveland, it’s only about an hour and Pittsburgh just 2 hours! We headed there on Friday afternoon and stayed two nights until Sunday. It’s totally doable in only one day since the area is small, but if you wanted to spend the entire weekend like we did, or even part of a week, you could also do that because there is a lot to do and see.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the area, Geneva, Ohio is situated on Lake Erie and is considered part of the Ohio Wine Country.

Our trip began with check-in to our storybook cottage at Vineyard Woods on Friday afternoon. Vineyard Woods is home to adorable cottages and villas situated in the woods on the property of a vineyard. They have mostly small cottages that sleep 2, but also have larger accommodations, as well.

My expectations were exceeded when we stepped foot into the most pristine and clean little cabin with anything and everything we could need for our stay.

The proprietors never missed a detail- from the decor, to the toiletries and snacks and supplies in the kitchenette. We enjoyed the fresh brewed coffee with the locally provided coffee grounds in the morning. They even have an adorable outdoor fire pit area which we will have to take advantage of during our next stay. We had restful nights of sleep and we loved the oversized bathroom and the cozy sitting area.

On Friday night made reservations and enjoyed a lovely dinner at The Lakehouse Inn’s restaurant, Crosswinds. As the name suggests, the Inn and the restaurant are situated right on Lake Erie with the most beautiful views. We had arrived after sunset, but when we returned the next day I could tell this area in Geneva has impressive views of sunrise and sunset over the water. During the warmer months, you can sit outside and enjoy the views with a glass of wine in hand! This is a great spot for a date night or celebration.

The food was delicious and fresh, as they are a farm-to-table restaurant. We enjoyed their homemade bread with garlic balsamic to start. I ordered the butternut squash ravioli and my husband had a blue cheese coulette. They also make their own wine and my husband had a glass of their cabernet that was delicious and perfectly dry, so he left with a bottle. I ordered a seasonal cocktail.

Something we did twice on this trip that I plan to implement more often is ordering dessert (and wine) to take home to enjoy later. I chose the lemon cake and my husband brought home their Creme brûlée cheesecake. It was so nice to indulge in something sweet in the comfort of my pajamas and slippers.

The next morning after waking up refreshed and enjoying some time in our cottage sipping coffee, we ventured into town for breakfast.

We headed to Scribbler’s Coffee and both ordered more coffee, breakfast sandwiches, and a sticky bun to share.

These were all SO good. It is the cutest little spot that you could cozy up with a cup of coffee and a good book. Scribbler’s is in the heart of the town and looks like it could be Stars Hollow- there are so many cute little shops around.

I wanted to be sure to visit one that caught my eye called Catherine’s Christmas. As you can probably imagine it was rooms and rooms of floor to ceiling Christmas decor. We had to leave with an ornament to commemorate our trip.

We also headed into “downtown” Geneva to explore, which is quite small and quaint to be considered downtown. It reminded us a lot of downtown North East, PA. Especially with all of the hints of grapes and wine everywhere.

I took my husband into his first ever antique store and it was an experience for him for sure! I enjoyed looking at all of the random and beautiful dinnerware and ceramic collections in the cabinets.

Next on our agenda was a couple’s massage at the Spa at the Lakehouse Inn. We enjoyed the most relaxing 60 minutes we’ve had in a long time and left feeling rejuvenated and tension free. That is another new decision we hope to continue from this getaway- prioritizing self care and booking semi-regular relaxation massages. It was so good for our bodies and our restless minds.

After the massages it was time to head back to the cottage to get ready and head out for our wine tours. The area is chock full of wineries-and though we aren’t wine connoisseurs in the least, we love trying new wines. I’m a sweet white wine drinker, and my husband likes reds. Opposites attract I guess!

Unfortunately, while visiting, it was freezing and raining, but, I would love to return in the warmer weather when everything is either in bloom in the spring and summer or during the peak of fall and we could enjoy the outdoor spaces of each location. They all had such beautiful outdoor areas! I think we were about 2 weeks late to get to enjoy the fall foliage in the area, but I imagine it would be quite beautiful.

While we were there, we visited 4 wineries: Debonné, Ferrante’s, Laurentia, and M Cellars. If you are looking to visit more wineries, you can find all of the info, here. I actually had no idea that this specific area was home to so many wineries until we were researching our trip. In the past, the Geneva area has been known for making sweet, ice wine, but in more recent years, this has changed and there are some wonderful vineyards that create all sorts of different wines.

I’m going to share the vineyards in order of my preference, but we really loved them all as they were all so different.

M Cellars

This one was our favorite! The interior is adorable with lots of space at the bar for tastings. There is also lots of seating space if you want to have a seat with friends and enjoy a bottle of wine. They had live music while we were there which made the atmosphere so much fun! My favorite wine was the Amelia, and I left with a bottle to bring home to continue to enjoy. I was truly impressed by the quality and quantity of wine here. They had so many different wines to choose from and even two bubbly options.


Laurentia was the place to be! There were so many people there (for good reason) while we were there so I suggest getting there on the earlier side to snag a table. Laurentia has an upscale log cabin vibe. Besides the wine, the food was delicious and our table had a view of the vineyard and beautiful pond on the property.


Debonné is somewhere I would really love to come back during the warmer months because they appeared to have so much outdoor seating. We got there before dinner but they have a full restaurant, too! Their ice wine was good, but not my favorite.

Debonne also brews their own beer. We liked the vibe here because it was casual and unpretentious, and with their popcorn machine it reminded us of our favorite hometown tavern, The Plymouth. One of the great things about all of these vineyards was that they were all so affordable.


It was around dinner time when we made it to our fourth and final stop. Ferrante’s has less of a winery atmosphere and is more-so a restaurant which ultimately we were grateful for. It was busy but we only had to wait about 20 minutes for our table to be ready. During that time we were able to peruse their wine shop. Other people there were also getting wine flights as they waited for their tables which would have been appealing to us had we not already drank quite a bit of wine at our other stops from earlier.

Dinner was delicious Italian food, which I loved. I ordered the creamy pesto penne and my husband got a chicken parmesan dish. The meals were just what we needed to soak up all of the wine we had consumed. We carried on the tradition and took cannolis to go for dessert later.

Excited to get back home to Charlie and Alice, we woke up early on Sunday morning (to the first snow of the season) without even setting our alarms.

After packing up, we found one last stop for breakfast that was open for us at 7 am called Mary’s Diner. It was a very cute 50’s era inspired diner, complete with checkered flooring, a juke box and Coca Cola memorabilia. The food was, of course, great- it was greasy diner goodness on plate!

This trip was truly perfect for our couple’s getaway but we saw a lot of friend groups out at the wineries for bachelorette and birthday parties. It would also be fun to get a few couples together for the weekend. We had seen some groups of people that rented party buses so they were able to get from vineyard to vineyard together!

All in all, I highly recommend the trip to Geneva, Ohio. There is so much to do and we had so much fun and enjoyed our time together exploring a new place. We can’t wait to plan our next trip back to enjoy it again, hopefully during a different season for a slightly different experience at each location.

All opinions and reviews expressed are my own and this trip was not sponsored.

Winter Shoes

Brr 🥶 the winter season is upon us!

I’ve gathered some of my favorite shoes that’ll work perfectly in the upcoming months 🤍

I know my feet take a beating this time of year, especially with being on my feet 12 hours a day. All of these I can wear to work with no pressure or pain after a long day.



Winter Shoes

Brr 🥶 the winter season is upon us!

I’ve gathered some of my favorite shoes that’ll work perfectly in the upcoming months 🤍

I know my feet take a beating this time of year, especially with being on my feet 12 hours a day. All of these I can wear to work with no pressure or pain after a long day.



Unpacked Paisley

I unpacked this paisley dress along with the rest of my fall/winter wardrobe and it felt like shopping in my own closet! I forgot about some of the items that had sat in storage during their off season and it was exciting to see them all again. I thought maybe I would be a little sad to pack away summer, but now I’m looking forward to putting together cozy outfits.

I have posted about this dress previously when discussing fall florals. I love the colors and the print of this dress. The flirty flouncy fit is so fun too! Since it’s a few years old I can’t find the exact dress online anymore, but I did find some very similar pieces and linked them in the app for you to shop! Click here:

Did you know that Allie and I started our blog 7 years ago?! We have posted once per week, every single week since November 1st 2015. That equates to well over 300 blog posts to date, which is pretty incredible to me!

Aside from enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend, we attended a friend’s engagement party, so the paisley dress got a night out! So here I am with another bathroom selfie this week.
Looking forward to a weekend away with this guy next weekend. I can’t wait to share and tell you all about it soon! xo

The White Dress from RedDress

Ya’ll the white tweed coat dress finally had her MOMENT this week!

If you can recall, I posted a poll back in MARCH (yes… March) about a dress I had been coveting from RedDress Boutique. Not one person “talked me out of buying it…” (thank you for the support!) So she made her way into my closet many months ago.

Apologies for the lighting, but this photo was the day the package arrived and the dress fit like a glove, exactly how I eagerly anticipated.
The details of the dress are so stunning. From the beautiful quality fabric to the ladylike scallops, to the intricate pearl buttons.

I think I loved this dress so much that I was hesitant to wear it first to just any event, I kept making excuses, I think wanting to savor it for just the right moment, while also wanting to be sure it was seasonally appropriate. The ivory color with a heavier tweed fabric sort of threw me. I had contemplated wearing it last month to a fall event, but you all chose a floral dress for me instead. So the white dress from RedDress continued to wait her turn.

Finally, just this week, the perfect plans popped up. Patrick and I were invited to attend a dinner and a show event through one of his work contacts. I knew right away it was white dress time!

So on Thursday night we headed to the Erie Club for a delicious dinner, and then to the newly renovated, historic Warner Theater for a Broadway show.

The night was so magical I have just a few snapshots from the evening, hence the bathroom mirror selfie.

It is amazing to me that our “small town” is able to bring in such a massive and successful production, like Disney’s Aladdin. It makes me so proud to live here and grateful to continue to experience these events without having to travel to a bigger city.
I’ve always loved this theater, as a performer and an audience member.
Shining, shimmering, splendid.


I’ve been under the weather all week. The common cold is in full force this October. So I’m trying to be extra hydrated with my fluids and kick this thing to the curb. So no face photos today 🤒

Stanley, a 109-year-old brand that specializes in camping gear and outdoor accessories. It has become the model of choice among a lot of millennial women by the influencers they trust.

The 40-ounce tumbler, which costs $40, comes in 11 colors and occasional limited-edition shades. It features a lid with a removable straw, a handle and an insulated body that is tapered, allowing it to fit in a cup holder.

We’ve also been influenced, and encourage you to take a look into this tumbler.

It just shows up and does its job

There isn’t another 40-ounce cup with a handle that is dishwasher safe on the market.

The cup has skyrocketed in every social media platform possible, so thankfully restocks come often but we highly recommend you getting your hands on one of them!

Below are all websites that currently have them IN STOCK

Stanley1913 // REI // Dicks // Amazon

I’ll be snuggling this chicken nugget for the rest of my day. Happy Sunday 🤍

All The Fall Things

Heading into this October, I knew it was going to be a busy month with several events. Whenever there is a lot of exciting things on the schedule sometimes I find myself anticipating the next thing coming, rather than being in the moment and taking things day by day.

Despite everything already planned, I also had a list of things I wanted to get out and do this month, especially with Charlie. Everything is more fun with a little one, and the peak of Autumn is no exception.

To keep us focused and present, I came up with a Fun-tober list to start in October 1st. It is a list of 31 items to do to help us enjoy this month thoroughly.

Anyone that knows me knows I love a good checklist, and so once I got started it was easy to come up with 31 things. Essentially it’s been a goal to check off one each day. Halfway through the month and we’ve completed 15/31 and are right on track.

So here is a look at the last 15 days- 1 photo per day!

1- Attend Oktoberfest, and eat a Sauerkraut ball.
2- Visit Mason Farms Pumpkintown
3- Watch the Nightmare Before Christmas
4- Paint a Pumpkin
5- Do a Fall Craft
6- Read a new Halloween book
7- Attend Allie + Andy’s wedding- a top event of this month!
8- Have a Pajama Party
9- Visit Port Farms
10- Play at the Playground
11- Play with Fall Stickers
12- Collect Pinecones
13- Watch The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
14- Visit Brant’s Apple Orchard
15- Attend Fall Fest

I’ve loved this process of collecting memories so much that it’s something I might implement again. I’ve found myself really enjoying every single day with a new activity to do, instead of feeling like the time is fleeting. Time passing is so shockingly evident nowadays.

Obviously my list was personalized to our month, but there are lots of items that anyone feeling inspired to make their own list could use!

I realize this type of blog post is a little bit different from our typical content on here. And I know you all are awaiting more details from Allie’s incredible wedding day. As we await the professional photos, I hope you enjoyed a look into life lately 💙


Forever & then some 🖤

Allow me to reintroduce myself — MRS. BLAKELY

Sharing our sneak peeks with all of you this morning. Our perfect day, simple, everything A&A fashion, non-traditional.

Photographer: @samanthajhopkins
Videographer: @hannahforrestfilms
Hair: @salon21122022
MUA: @katelyn__pace
Spray tan: @liquidglamerie
Pantsuit: @bridalelegance814
Flowers: @allburn_florist
Venue: @gemcitydinor

Wedding Week

Here we go, I can’t believe I’m typing that I’m getting married in FIVE days. I’m seriously in awe with how quickly and easy everything has been for us.

This day is something we’ve been looking forward too. A room filled with people we handpicked to spend the night with and celebrate our love 🤍

We have felt nothing but support, excitement, and joy from everyone during our planning period. Andy and I decided weeks after getting engaged, we wanted to be married as soon as we could.

We’ve been together eight years, and truly have been through everything. We didn’t want to waste another day not being married to each other.

We’ve attended so many weddings together, and watched some of our best friends get married. Now, it’s our turn

I’ve wrapping up all things I’m preparing this week for the fun day on Friday —


+ ring cleaning

+ hair & nails appointments

+ pickup at bridal elegence

+ finalize vows

+ timeline of what the day will look like

+ goodie bags for the morning of crew

+ facetime photographer & videographer

+ drop off reception materials

+ iron get ready & wedding day outfit

+ spray tan at liquid glam

+ “rehearsal” dinner with andy

Becoming the Blakely’s 🤍