the perfect day – the perfect dress – the perfect date

I got this beautiful Bow Crepe Gown off of Poshmark a while back and I knew I would be able to have the perfect special event to wear it too.

I received so many compliments and truly an outstanding gown with deep-cut V-neck and leg slit.

If you’re like me, you know that I really enjoy a good bargain find. I rarely pay for anything full price — and second hand is the way to go especially for attire like this one.


The Proposal

Gosh, where to even begin.. I guess for starters I am still in absolute awe on how well Andy pulled this all off without even the slightest bit of me thinking it was happening anytime soon. We’ve talked for months about what is more important to us in this moment and silly me said, everything but an engagement ring 🤣

I’ve been looking forward to this blog post to really document mine and Andy’s relationship over the years. It’s been a journey, but it’s only the beginning 🤍

Our love story —

I’m taking you all wayyyyy back to 2014. I’ll never forget it. It was late June and Andy had messaged me on Instagram about scheduling a haircut with me. At the time, I didn’t think anything of it because I was a few years into my career. We would talk back and forth to figure out a good time that worked for both of us.

He managed to convince me to work on a Sunday, due to his “current job” at the time only allowing that day to be his availability

So most hair salons are closed Sundays, however my parents gifted me a beautiful home station in their basement for family/friends and clients that I may not have been able to do at work. So I allowed Andy to be one of those people.

I remember explaining to my mom who Andy was. She could NOT get over how handsome and charming he looked in photographs, and I made it very clear to her, this was just a haircut, nothing more.

Welp, Andy pulled into our driveway in his moms mini van. Had in his hand, some Buffalo chicken dip and two Harry Potter movies. I didn’t ask questions but he walked right in, and immediately hugged my mother and said “it’s so nice to meet you” — 😅 UHHH 🤔 now my mom is smitten!

I took him downstairs, sat him down. He thanked me for doing this on my day off being charming as Andy always is. I proceed to start a consultation with him and he looks at me in the eyes and just says “I actually don’t want a haircut, I just got one last week. I was hoping to just hangout and watch a movie” I am pretty sure my mouth dropped to the ground. In my head I kept saying, oh he’s good

From that moment, we were inseparable. I seriously could say this confidently, after the second time we hung out, I knew I wanted to be with him forever.

Sounds so cliche but there were so many moments in our relationship early on that he checked all my boxes off. — He sincerely almost every time he came over he wanted to known and be around my parents and family.

There was a time when we broke up to figure out our life apart, and there was never a moment where Andy didn’t value my feelings. We were both so sad and heartbroken but we knew it was best for us in that moment.

We were in contact for the majority of the breakup, all in friendly matter. It was hard to imagine life without him, or even just days without talking to him. But we were also so considerate of our families feelings, and most importantly ours. We didn’t know where we were heading as far as “trying this again” or just “remaining friends” and I think it all came down to, “I don’t want to see you date anyone else” So we agreed, this was the real deal and we need to figure this out.

Fast forward ⏩ to now. Almost 8 years together

Andy and I have been together basically our entire 20’s and when I think back on all the good and some bad things we’ve gone through together, it’s amazing to me how everyday I’m more in love with him. I am truly so lucky to have him in my life. Anybody that knows Andy, or he allows you to be in his circle, you know he would take the shirt off his back for you, without hesitation.

Punta Cana was an absolute fairy tale. My mindset was strictly to celebrate Andy’s 30th birthday. Because he deserved a week all above him. He had other plans + plans he knew for months that this was the time to ask me 😭

I can’t even express to you all the instant sense of security I felt, when he asked me to be his wife. He felt so confident and looked me straight in the eyes and said “Allie, I love you, you’re my best friend and my biggest supporter. These past 8 years have truly been amazing and we’ve been through so much together, and I couldn’t imagine my life without you. Will you marry me 💍”

I dropped to the ground because I was seriously in shock. — There was no doubt in my mind. We have been through so many obstacles but I truly believe we had to go through those times, to get us here in this very moment.

I feel so lucky, to officially call Andy my future husband. Doing life with him so far has been so fun, and I can’t wait to continue to do life with him for the rest of my life.

The amount of support and love everyone has given us about our relationship is really what makes us value what we have together. We are whole because of our amazing circle of family and friends.

So here’s to our next adventure, and everlasting love 💗

-xx The future Blakely’s.

True Love

“A mother is a son’s first true love. But a son, especially the first son, is a mother’s last true love.”

Motherhood is such a gift, one I do not take for granted. I remember being a Mama “in waiting”, at times it was agonizing and isolating. I am blessed by my boy now 💙 I look back on that journey and still thank God for His perfect timing.
Happy Mother’s Day!
You can shop both of our outfits in the app
Must take a moment for the neckline on this dress too! Perfection 💙
And in conclusion, this photo encompasses the reality of attempting a photo shoot with a toddler 😅

Tropical ParadICE

Happy Sun ☀️ day!!! Last weekend we had the absolute pleasure and privilege of making a special visit to the new Downtown Erie Rita’s!

It is a fun and convenient location, right at 427 State Street

We appreciated learning that this location is family owned and operated by Liz, who will be teaching her own son all about the business as well! We love to support our Erie people!

From the moment we got there, Charlie was eager to try allllllll the flavors! And he even got a Rita’s plushie!
Charlie & Mama approved!
LOL that’s my boy!

Liz has a lot of knowledge and happily taught us all about the sweet treats! We learned that the custard and ice flavors are made fresh in the store, and some flavors are made with actual fresh fruit! Their location keeps anywhere from 16-20 flavors available for customers to choose from, so there is something for everyone to love!

Liz and her staff allowed us to watch the process of making Italian ice, and Charlie started learning the ropes early! He will be ready for his first job in no time!

While we were there, we were allowed to try the NEW seasonal ice flavor that will be available soon! It’s going to be called Tropical ParadICE and it is a refreshing and delicious guava passionfruit blend! We highly highly recommend- keep an eye out for its announced release!

Overall this visit was *chef’s kiss* and we can’t wait to come back soon!

Special thanks to Katie for arranging our visit. And the biggest spoonful of gratitude to Liz who was beyond enthusiastic, welcoming, and gracious during the entirety of our time with her at Downtown Erie Rita’s!

Please support this business by stopping in for a cool refreshing treat and by following them on Instagram: @eriedowntownritas

Punta Cana

Back to reality — but a trip I will truly never forget! Todays post is just all the outfit details I promised I would share, but in weeks to follow I will share what you all have been dying to know — the engagement, the experience at Live Aqua the excursion we took 💍 EEK! But first, let’s dive right in to the goods

Suits suits so many bathing suits





Hoppy Easter

🐣 Little bird is finally feeling better after a double bout of the stomach virus! It was a tough couple of weeks as we shared germs in our house and then poor little Charlie had a relapse of the infection. We almost missed Easter weekend festivities by a hare! 🐰😂

I’ve always loved the Easter season. With springtime weather, beautiful new outfits, and the promise of renewed hope- I continue to look forward to the Easter holiday each year, and I hope Charlie always does too!

This was also the first year we were able to take Charlie to meet the Easter bunny. He was less than enthused… but we got the pic!

You can shop our outfits on the app. Unfortunately my dress is an old Sandy Liang X Target collab so it’s no longer available for purchase through the Target site, but a few select sizes are available on eBay still new with tags (NWT)!

Travel must haves

One week from today Andy and I will be venturing off to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for a loooooonnnnnnggggg overdue vacation for the two of us.

We are beyond excited that it’s just us getting the chance to reconnect with each other, relax and enjoy every ounce of sunshine possible.

Obviously a HUGE vacation outfit post will be to follow but let’s talk about the most important part about packing — Essentials for your flight bag ✈️

All items can be purchased here

Social Media Detox

Allie here —

The month of March I took the time to detox from the social media world.

It gave me the chance for reconnecting, gave me purpose, memories, laughs and recharging from everything.

I never thought I could honestly do it. Social media has been apart of my life since I was in 6th grade. As scary as typing that sentence out seems, imagine how much lost time, energy and tears I’ve spent on any social media platform. That’s the scarier part.

I know for a fact I’ve lost REAL LIFE TIME, moments or conversations because my head has been glued to my phone. My posture is a mess because I’m slouched over on the couch for hours refreshing the page for the “special announcement” from an influencer Ive been following for YEARS to post the news on their page.

There’s so much good that comes from social media platforms, but there’s also so much bad. For my mental state in this very moment, it was necessary to step back. Finding who I am again was so important to me.

I’ve learned so much in just a month, and honestly look forward to stepping away more and more as time continues to go on.

Here’s what I’ve taken away from this detox,

less comparing:: we all do it.

less screen time:: I love being able to come home and leave my phone in my purse after a long day, and truly enjoy what’s right in front of me.

less care:: about what others think of me and the life I’m choosing to live for myself and nobody else

less distraction:: I feel like I can accomplish so much more without the urge to refresh my pages

less work:: the career path I chose, social media is a HUGE part of where I am in my business. However, for once in the 10 years I’ve been doing hair, I’ve never felt I was able to turn off work because of the easy way to access it all.

less pressure:: to have the “perfect” life for everyone else to see. Giving myself grace and acceptance that the pressure of the perfect person doesn’t exist, and let’s me be human

I encourage all to recharge! It’s beyond refreshing

I’m an introvert.

I’m not shy – I’m a noticer

I’m a thinker – I’m an observer

I’m not stuck up – I’m not anti social

I treasure my solitude

I prefer a few close friends

I am reserved – until I’m not

I appreciate true connections

Pearl Girl

It may come as no surprise to most of you that know me, but I’ll still confess that my obsession with pearls is next level.

I was scouring the internet for an Oxford blouse with pearl buttons. I kept coming up empty so I finally decided to ‘DIY’ and bring another vision to life… and then another!

I started with an Amazon essentials classic blue Oxford blouse and some pearl buttons (also off of Amazon).

Then I simply detached the original, plain buttons and stitched the pearl buttons in their place! The whole process, start-to-finish, took less than 30 minutes.

I absolutely love the end result, it was exactly what I was searching all over for. And now it’s seemingly unique, I created this piece!

The perfect pearly detail.

I loved the upgrade on the Oxford shirt so much that I decide to level up a light blue cape/wrap as well. It is a very versatile piece and I know I will get so much use of this because it can button and unbutton so easily and be worn multiple ways.

I likely ended up saving money in the long run… This simple upgrade made these pieces look way more expensive than what they actually cost. I easily would have paid double or triple what I actually spent had I located these online or in a store.

Here is the cape unbuttoned, and worn as a shawl, out to dinner last weekend.

I’m so pleased with these upgrades that I’m already considering a white Oxford and another color shawl. I have a true passion for pearls!

I’ve linked the Oxford blouse, pearl buttons and cape on the app! If you feel inspired and decide to add pearls to an item you love, send it my way! I’d love to see what you create!


I was delighted to recently preview the new Draper James + Kohl’s collaboration, named RSVP, a few weeks ago!

I loved each color way in the collection! Everything is so bright and cheery for spring!
And of course the blue and white and gingham section stole the show for me!
I love the eyelet detail of this adorable romper!
I had so much fun mixing and matching all of the pieces in the collection.
Here is what I took into the dressing room with me!
Once I saw the ruffles on this denim jacket, I knew it was coming home with me. It also comes in white!
I loved this intricate neckline and subtle puff sleeves on this dress!
I don’t often wear yellow, as I realized I don’t actually own a lot of yellow pieces. But this blue floral print was irresistible! I also loved the flattering fit and style!
This skirt is totally twirl-able!
Happy Spring!
I specifically saved this post for this weekend –
the first day of spring!
And happy early birthday, Reese! (3/22)

You can shop all of my picks on the app!