Happy Holidays!!

I’m excited to share this easy, cut to the chase, post today for y’all. I’m breaking down three looks for this holiday season.

Are you more Comfy, Casual or Classy for holiday wardrobe?

Sharing all the details on and below!

We’d love to your holiday inspo this year! Tag @inourstyleblog on IG. We truly love interacting with our followers.


I’ll be wearing this comfy set on Christmas Eve with Andy’s Family ❤️


This has been a staple for my Christmas wardrobe the last few years! It’s definitely a seasonal blazer but I get so excited to wear it every year!


Classy staples that I can wear ALL winter long!

Blog Baby

Even miracles take a little time.


Sorry I’ve been so absent from the blog over the last few months… but I’ve been a little busy (and tired 😴) from growing big for someone small and special. 🤍 Things are about to get REAL and I hope you’ll follow along on this journey to motherhood with me.

Today’s post is the first of probably many in my pregnancy series. I’ll be sharing my announcement shoot pictures (taken by Allie) and a quick update on my experiences and events leading up to now, to get you all caught up!

This November
will be one to
4 Months Pregnant today!
Should we tell her?!
“But Mama, I thought I was your baby?”
She’s going to be the best big sister!

It took my husband and I about a year to finally learn the news that we were going to grow our family! We’ve kept this little one a secret since February… before all of the darkness-the chaos- the world turning upside down. And it’s been our light! 🕯

I will be forever grateful to Allie who stepped up already very early on as an amazing Auntie. She was there for me to pick up my slack when I was too tired and nauseous to do anything. She’s always been there for me through ever milestone and I can’t wait to see her as an aunt! I appreciate her willingness and mad photog skills for this shoot too. These were very intimate and private and there’s no one else I would want around.

As you know from my very last post, I continued to work during the pandemic as an essential healthcare worker, and had to keep my nausea, fatigue, and big secret at bay. Though confusing and trying at times. I will look back on these unprecedented few months as a blessing. Social distancing and quarantining assured my health and safety, and it made it easier to keep my secret hidden for as long as possible. It was also a blessing to be forced to stay at home to rest and recover on the weekends, which I desperately needed during my first trimester.

Next week’s post will be my guide to first trimester must-haves. I’m a first time mom and I’m learning as I go, but I hope that I can share products that made life a little easier and more comfortable during each phase of these changes. I hand picked and personally used each of the products in next week’s post and I’ll explain why I recommend each one.

If you have requests for any new-mom content for future blog posts, I’d love for you to send me a DM on Instagram at @inourstyleblog. I hope to provide as much help and insight to those also navigating this new season of their life.


One thing I look forward to each day while staying at home is cooking a delicious meal. As fun as take-out is, the satisfaction of eating something I took the time to prep, cook, and serve can’t be beat.

BirdsEye products make it so quick and easy to meal plan and make delicious meals at home. Enjoyment is always just seconds away! I love their convenient Steamfresh packs so much. These products are always on my shopping list and in my freezer. I have always kept a bunch on hand, and that’s been great lately to help me make mouth-watering meals at home!

I’m sharing one of my favorite meal plan recipes below! It’s a weeknight go-to because it has very few ingredients and a very simple recipe to follow.

Viola!!! 😙🤤

I love incorporating BirdsEye products in recipes, especially this one. Sweet potatoes can take a long time to cook yourself, and the pre-cooked Chef’s choice sweet potatoes force less time for cooking and more time for eating!

If you make this recipe, please share and tag @inourstyleblog and @birdseye so we can see your drool-worthy creation!

Closet Reveal

Good Morning, Sun ☀️ day!

We are still celebrating my birthday this weekend, despite my meager protests… 😉

All kidding aside, after this week I feel even more fortunate to have such wonderful family, friends, and community! I appreciate all of the different ways that others showed me love and sent well wishes to me this week. I can’t stop smiling, especially over these SWEET Alice inspired cupcakes!

As promised, today’s post is the reveal of my 30th Birthday gift from my husband. Along with both of our dads’ help, they transformed our master closet into my dream dressing room!

I saw lots of potential to redo certain areas exactly to my liking when we chose our home. The original wire racks and shelving units in the master closet were livable and somewhat functional, so I didn’t do anything right when we moved in but I always knew I wanted to transform it into my dream closet one day.

Fast forward a couple years later as we discussed my wishes for a 30th birthday gift… and there was nothing my Type-A, organization-obsessed, clothing-addict heart desired more than a new closet to design and arrange!

Here is the same space, but with the new custom units installed:

Once this phase was complete I wasted NO time in filling it with my clothing and decor!

The Amazon Essentials velvet hangers are life changing! Though it was a tedious process to covert all of my hangers, it was worth it! I chose the color ivory. They save so much space and allowed all of my clothes to fit within the space without the racks becoming over crowded. As a bonus the velvet and slim design of the hangers don’t warp clothing or leave hanger marks.

For added storage, I was able to be creative and customize the drawers as well as adding rods to the corner units to hang pants and blazers. Wicker baskets, cube shelves, and hidden storage maximize the space and create organized compartments for everything.

To match the decor, I plan to change out the cabinet and drawer pulls with blue floral porcelain knobs and wicker handles. I will post an update once those are installed! With the exception of the pulls and needing to install top shelves above the clothing rods to finish off the space, the closet is practically complete and I’m more than satisfied with the transformation!

If you’d like a virtual/video tour of my closet, head to my Instagram @inourstyleblog to view today’s “stories”. I will also create a highlight for you to view anytime and to add to with further updates.

All decor items and the exact hangers I used are linked in the app for you to shop! Just click on this pic in the app:

Thank you for those of you sharing in my excitement of this fresh space. I was hesitant to post this project at first, because I realize that a closet full of clothes and material things don’t make a full heart. But with encouragement and to showcase the time and effort put in by my loved ones to make my dream come true, I’m happy to share this today!

The Cork 1794




I have been so excited to share this post with you, honestly today couldn’t have come soon enough! I feel so honored to collaborate and partner with Red Letter Hospitality to bring you a series of blog posts dedicated to the great local food and drinks that their restaurants offer to this area.



The first restaurant I am featuring is The Cork 1794 located in the West Erie Plaza. Those closest to me know that this restaurant in Erie is one of my favorites. It’s always my go-to choice for celebrating special occasions or even for just an upscale date-night out. I’ve also willingly attended numerous work functions at this location without hesitation, because I knew the food and service would be sensational.

If you haven’t been to The Cork for drinks, lunch, brunch, or dinner then add it to your agenda as soon as you possibly can. I love that they are constantly changing and updating their menus seasonally, and to please every patron.

The atmosphere at The Cork is stylish, yet comfortable. I tried to capture some of the amazing detail in my Instagram stories today! The service is always seamless from the moment we walk in the door. To match their ambiance, their food and drinks are equally beautiful and satisfying.

We arrived early for our reservation so we decided to have a seat at the bar for drinks. The bar is the perfect place to unwind – with an unrivaled collection of beer, cocktails and liquors. They also have an expansive wine selection displayed in cruvinets. (Take a peak at my insta-story today for a better look!)

I ordered a CAMPFIRE SANGRIA, which had Cabernet Sauvignon, Apple Cider, Spiced Pear Vodka, Apple Brandy, Cinnamon Syrup, Granny Smith Apple, and Cinnabon! It was so delicious and warmed me up!

Patrick always orders a TRADITIONAL OLD FASHIONED that has a Demerara Sugar Cube, Angostura Bitters, and Skunk & Goat Tavern Knob Creek.

Once we were seated for dinner we were excited to see a recently launched updated menu. For our appetizer and entrees we wanted to try some new items, however tempting our old favorite staple items may have been! We ordered:

CHORIZO + CILANTRO QUESO WITH CHIPS (Chorizo Sausage, Red Onion, Cilantro, Cream Cheese)

14 OZ PORK CHOP (Tandoori Spice, Tomatoes, Corn, Cilantro, Burnt Lime) with the paired wine: Truchard, Syrah


BUTTERNUT SQUASH CANNELONI (Sage Cream Sauce, Walnut & Arugula)


We love that the Cork pairs a recommended complimenting wine with each entree.

We definitely had to save room for a sweet treat, perfectly paired with a special blend of coffee only available at The Cork and made by the local coffee shop, Brew HaHa. I’m not even exaggerating… it was one of the most delicious cups of coffees I’ve ever had!


WARM APPLE CRISP is made with Granny Smith Apples, Brown Sugar + Oat Crumble, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Caramel Sauce, Served in a Cast Iron.


The DESSERT OF THE MOMENT that evening was a refreshing lemon pie! This changes regularly so it’s always worth saving room for something new!


If the inside of The Cork wasn’t already a perfect hangout spot to enjoy live music, drink at the bar, or eat in the dining room, their patio is always warm and inviting despite Erie entering into our colder months. The space is complete with fireplaces and outdoor heaters.

You’ve almost made it to the end of this post- and now is the time for the most exciting part! Red Letter Hospitality has generously given us a gift card to do a giveaway for our followers! If you’d like to enjoy a delicious meal at The Cork, please go to our Instagram page @inourstyleblog to enter! Follow the instructions on the post, the code word to comment is: gather

A special thank you to Annē, Director of Marketing, Tammy, General Manager, and Maggie, our fabulous and fun waitress. Our night out at The Cork was like a shot of espresso and gave me an exciting jolt to write this blog post and share my experience! 😉 I hope you enjoyed this delicious experience of mine and are inspired to go eat at The Cork soon! I can’t wait to visit the other 2 RLH restaurants soon to continue the series and I will be sure to report back to you!

Shop Style Collective

Some pretty big milestones were reached this week, leaving us humbled by your support and so excited to continue to share in the fun with you all!

First, we now have over 2,000 followers on our Instagram @inourstyleblog. This is overwhelmingly amazing to us. Yes of course there are way more people using Instagram and there will always be fellow bloggers with more followers and more likes per post, but if we’ve learned anything over these last few years the numbers don’t matter. Because being able to reach and be relatable to even just one person per week means so much to us. It’s also important that we not play the comparison game, we do this for fun and we just like doing something together that involves something we both love.

That being said, we also reached another milestone opportunity this week that we are incredibly thankful for. We have been accepted as affiliates for the Shop Style Collective. It’s a monetizing platform for influencers that will now allow us to link our outfit pieces and similar styles in an app and widget setting. Not only will this make it easier and more user friendly for you to shop our Instagram and blog post looks, but it also gives us the opportunity to make a small commission if you buy any of our suggested pieces from our outfits.

😱 yep! You read that right! You could help us get PAID just by wanting to own the same or similar sweater or shoes or whatever that we post! If that’s not a fashion freak’s dream I don’t know what is! 🤣

So without further ado, get ready to shop this comfortable and classic look via ShopStyle by clicking 👉🏻here!

We love how user friendly the site is for us and also for you as our followers. Any feedback you have we would love to hear! Just send us a DM! We also uploaded and linked some of our most recent posts to the app too, so take a bit to scroll and click through!

Thank you all again so much for your support and loyalty to us, these milestones and accomplishments wouldn’t be possible without each of you!

See you back next week!

Getaway in Gingham

Hi There! Ange Here!

If you’ve been following along on instagram, you know that Allie, Alice, and I are just getting back from a family vacation in North Carolina. We had the best time all together and will be working on several blog posts of some of our outfits! We enjoyed our getaway and some days all we wore was a bathing suit instead of getting dressed in real clothes… those were the BEST days!

This was the first vaca outfit I posted on insta @inourstyleblog and it’s the easiest breeziest summer outfit. A flowy gingham off the shoulder top compliments the loose linen fit pants. I dressed it up with a cute fedora, wedges, and oversizes sunnies.

In my opinion though, my freckles are my new favorite accessory! I hope you feel beautiful in your own skin today!



B.P. at Nordstrom $19.00


(Gucci Dupes!)

Free People $20.00


*the one I’m wearing has limited availability now, so I linked a few other similar styles too that I also love.

From left to right:

1. Old Navy $14.97 CLEARANCE!

2. Old Navy $18.00 SALE!

3. Express $29.99 SALE!

4. Forever 21 $14.90


*I’ve had this linen pair forever so they are old, but I linked the new style as well as a few others that are so good!

From left to right:

1. Forever 21 $17.90

2. Old Navy $29.97 SALE! (more sizes available in Black and Tan!)

3. Target $24.99


*my favs ever! So comfortable!

Steve Madden $99.95

Right on Target


Jacket Xhilaration| Sweater Universal Thread | Earrings SUGARFIX by Bauble Bar

all available from Target🎯

Sunglasses DIFF Eyewear

Can I get a show of hands for how many of you gals have walked in to Target for just 1 item and walked out 1 hour, $100, and 10 items later?! 🤣🙋🏻‍♀️

I am so impressed with the new brand collaborations Target has formed, most recently with Hunter and Bauble Bar. Who could forget their epic sell out of their Lilly Pulitzer line?! Target is able to bring affordable and famous fashion to the masses and does so in the best way! Also their own in-store brands like Mossimo and Xhilaration hit it right on target every so often too. Last year we blogged about an amazing Target Brand Dupe for Valentino Studded Sandals! Such a steal for a popular splurged item!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, take some “you” time and plan a trip to stroll through your local Target! Show us what you find…

Instagram: @inourstyleblog #inourstyleblog

Photography: @andrewperederiy

Overall On Trend


White Henley Mudd | Overalls American Bazi | Long Sweater Old Navy | Loafers LC Lauren Conrad| Wedges Blowfish | Sunglasses Ray Ban |

If you follow us on Instagram at @inourstyleblog then you know that I reached out for some advice in a poll last weekend. I was debating whether to purchase a pair of denim overalls since this trend has been popping up everywhere and without some input I just couldn’t decide whether it was right for me. Like Gretchen Wieners so eloquently put, “You wouldn’t buy a skirt without asking your friends first…”

The overwhelming results reassured me that you would support this come back and I have to tell you I’m so excited to style these again! I haven’t worn overalls since I was a 90’s kid! I’m so grateful for you all… I’ve been wearing my new grown up overalls all weekend because they are so comfortable. I can’t wait to incorporate them into lots of other outfits.

This weekend I stayed comfortable for running errands and doing housework. I wore a white henley and a long duster sweater and some loafers. I was worried that by wearing overalls I would look like I was trying too hard to dress younger than I am but honestly throwing on a pair of wedges or heels or even a leather jacket or sharp blazer would add just the right amount of sophistication. Like I said I plan on wearing these again lots of other ways!

I love the feel of the denim of this pair and the distressed tears in the knees. The skinny fit was good for me because I always have to worry about length since they aren’t available in petite. I opted for an inexpensive version for my first pair since I was still hesitant on how I would like them. I’ve linked a couple other styles and price versions below:

(from left to right): STEALAmazon $35 | SPEND American Eagle $90 | SPLURGE Nordstrom $375

Overall 😉 I’m definitely pleased with my recent purchase and I’m glad I’ve jumped on this band wagon! With jumpsuits and rompers gaining popularity, overalls were bound to come back too! 🤔 I’m seriously considering another pair for summer… like this short version:

Will report back…

1 Sweater 2 Ways


Sweater SheIn | White Jeans Gap | Earrings TJMaxx

I know what you’re probably thinking… 💭

Another Sunday, another sweater post. But you guys it is still SO COLD here. Seriously. It is supposed to be spring. 😭 I guess there is always next month!

Anyway, this sweater is one of my favorites because it is the definition of versatility. You can wear it frontwards or backwards for two totally different looks.

Putting the wrap in the front and layered with a cami or bralette gives a cozy and casual feel.

Putting the criss-cross in the back shows a little more skin for a sultry style.

This look is affordable and comfortable. I also love the marled grey knit of this sweater because the dark flecks would come out nicely with a pair of black jeans. And it is neutral enough that you could really have fun with different accessories.

Be sure to follow our Instagram @inourstyleblog for more outfit inspiration.

Photography | Emmy Hackshaw