The White Dress from RedDress

Ya’ll the white tweed coat dress finally had her MOMENT this week!

If you can recall, I posted a poll back in MARCH (yes… March) about a dress I had been coveting from RedDress Boutique. Not one person “talked me out of buying it…” (thank you for the support!) So she made her way into my closet many months ago.

Apologies for the lighting, but this photo was the day the package arrived and the dress fit like a glove, exactly how I eagerly anticipated.
The details of the dress are so stunning. From the beautiful quality fabric to the ladylike scallops, to the intricate pearl buttons.

I think I loved this dress so much that I was hesitant to wear it first to just any event, I kept making excuses, I think wanting to savor it for just the right moment, while also wanting to be sure it was seasonally appropriate. The ivory color with a heavier tweed fabric sort of threw me. I had contemplated wearing it last month to a fall event, but you all chose a floral dress for me instead. So the white dress from RedDress continued to wait her turn.

Finally, just this week, the perfect plans popped up. Patrick and I were invited to attend a dinner and a show event through one of his work contacts. I knew right away it was white dress time!

So on Thursday night we headed to the Erie Club for a delicious dinner, and then to the newly renovated, historic Warner Theater for a Broadway show.

The night was so magical I have just a few snapshots from the evening, hence the bathroom mirror selfie.

It is amazing to me that our “small town” is able to bring in such a massive and successful production, like Disney’s Aladdin. It makes me so proud to live here and grateful to continue to experience these events without having to travel to a bigger city.
I’ve always loved this theater, as a performer and an audience member.
Shining, shimmering, splendid.


I’ve been under the weather all week. The common cold is in full force this October. So I’m trying to be extra hydrated with my fluids and kick this thing to the curb. So no face photos today 🤒

Stanley, a 109-year-old brand that specializes in camping gear and outdoor accessories. It has become the model of choice among a lot of millennial women by the influencers they trust.

The 40-ounce tumbler, which costs $40, comes in 11 colors and occasional limited-edition shades. It features a lid with a removable straw, a handle and an insulated body that is tapered, allowing it to fit in a cup holder.

We’ve also been influenced, and encourage you to take a look into this tumbler.

It just shows up and does its job

There isn’t another 40-ounce cup with a handle that is dishwasher safe on the market.

The cup has skyrocketed in every social media platform possible, so thankfully restocks come often but we highly recommend you getting your hands on one of them!

Below are all websites that currently have them IN STOCK

Stanley1913 // REI // Dicks // Amazon

I’ll be snuggling this chicken nugget for the rest of my day. Happy Sunday 🤍

All The Fall Things

Heading into this October, I knew it was going to be a busy month with several events. Whenever there is a lot of exciting things on the schedule sometimes I find myself anticipating the next thing coming, rather than being in the moment and taking things day by day.

Despite everything already planned, I also had a list of things I wanted to get out and do this month, especially with Charlie. Everything is more fun with a little one, and the peak of Autumn is no exception.

To keep us focused and present, I came up with a Fun-tober list to start in October 1st. It is a list of 31 items to do to help us enjoy this month thoroughly.

Anyone that knows me knows I love a good checklist, and so once I got started it was easy to come up with 31 things. Essentially it’s been a goal to check off one each day. Halfway through the month and we’ve completed 15/31 and are right on track.

So here is a look at the last 15 days- 1 photo per day!

1- Attend Oktoberfest, and eat a Sauerkraut ball.
2- Visit Mason Farms Pumpkintown
3- Watch the Nightmare Before Christmas
4- Paint a Pumpkin
5- Do a Fall Craft
6- Read a new Halloween book
7- Attend Allie + Andy’s wedding- a top event of this month!
8- Have a Pajama Party
9- Visit Port Farms
10- Play at the Playground
11- Play with Fall Stickers
12- Collect Pinecones
13- Watch The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
14- Visit Brant’s Apple Orchard
15- Attend Fall Fest

I’ve loved this process of collecting memories so much that it’s something I might implement again. I’ve found myself really enjoying every single day with a new activity to do, instead of feeling like the time is fleeting. Time passing is so shockingly evident nowadays.

Obviously my list was personalized to our month, but there are lots of items that anyone feeling inspired to make their own list could use!

I realize this type of blog post is a little bit different from our typical content on here. And I know you all are awaiting more details from Allie’s incredible wedding day. As we await the professional photos, I hope you enjoyed a look into life lately 💙


Forever & then some 🖤

Allow me to reintroduce myself — MRS. BLAKELY

Sharing our sneak peeks with all of you this morning. Our perfect day, simple, everything A&A fashion, non-traditional.

Photographer: @samanthajhopkins
Videographer: @hannahforrestfilms
Hair: @salon21122022
MUA: @katelyn__pace
Spray tan: @liquidglamerie
Pantsuit: @bridalelegance814
Flowers: @allburn_florist
Venue: @gemcitydinor

Wedding Week

Here we go, I can’t believe I’m typing that I’m getting married in FIVE days. I’m seriously in awe with how quickly and easy everything has been for us.

This day is something we’ve been looking forward too. A room filled with people we handpicked to spend the night with and celebrate our love 🤍

We have felt nothing but support, excitement, and joy from everyone during our planning period. Andy and I decided weeks after getting engaged, we wanted to be married as soon as we could.

We’ve been together eight years, and truly have been through everything. We didn’t want to waste another day not being married to each other.

We’ve attended so many weddings together, and watched some of our best friends get married. Now, it’s our turn

I’ve wrapping up all things I’m preparing this week for the fun day on Friday —


+ ring cleaning

+ hair & nails appointments

+ pickup at bridal elegence

+ finalize vows

+ timeline of what the day will look like

+ goodie bags for the morning of crew

+ facetime photographer & videographer

+ drop off reception materials

+ iron get ready & wedding day outfit

+ spray tan at liquid glam

+ “rehearsal” dinner with andy

Becoming the Blakely’s 🤍

Life is Better in a Sweater

Summer collapsed into fall quite quickly here this year. Or maybe time just passes a lot faster these days…

While I’m out here sporting mostly the same fall pieces from last year, Charlie got an autumn update to his wardrobe.
Charlie’s precious color-block outfit is from H&M. You can shop the pieces on the app here:
There is something so sweet about a little boy in corduroy. These corduroy pants are the best because they are fully jersey-cotton lined. So to Charlie, they feel like soft sweat pants instead of being too structured.

In addition to this outfit, I also found him a 2 pack of crewneck sweatshirts, a quilted bomber jacket, and a comfy long sleeve set. Everything was really affordable and good quality. I couldn’t find everything on the site- some of it may have sold out already but I linked what I could!

We embraced the change in seasons with a walk in the park this weekend. I hope you find some joy too, even if it’s just an “add to cart” moment browsing H&M’s site.
🤔 how did that shoulder bag get in here?! 🤭

Pumpkin Muffins

Happy Sunday! I’m coming at you with the easiest and yummiest fall muffin recipe- seriously, it’s just 3 ingredients and 3 steps! I made them last weekend and I’m thinking of making another batch again this weekend!

I cannot express to you how delicious these muffins are in adequate words, so I’ll let Bed Head Fred’s enjoyment depict it. They are such a treat and they’re truly amazing warm or room temp. They’ve kept well all week on the countertop, so we’ve continued to treat ourselves throughout the week.

mini chocolate chips,
15 oz pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix),
and 1 box spice cake mix.
  • Simply mix the pumpkin and the spice cake mix together with an electric mixer until well combined. Then add in chocolate chips. I didn’t measure the chocolate chips- add to your liking! I think this recipe would also be good with nuts or raisins.
  • Spoon into paper lined muffin/cupcake tins, 2/3 full. (The batter is very thick and doesn’t “settle”, so you may wish to smooth the tops if you care what the finished product looks like… they’re delicious regardless!)
  • Bake at 350* for 18-22 minutes. Voila!
Happy fall, ya’ll!

Decisions, Decisions

I have a fun evening event coming up this week, and I need your help choosing my outfit!

I’m torn between two very different looks: Option 1 is a flouncy floral number, because technically it’s still “summer” and the temperatures are still moderately warm. Look how happy this sweet little pattern is!

Outfit number 2 is full-on fall. It’s a ladylike cream tweed coat dress with 3/4 length sleeves. I love the scallop detail and classy pearl buttons. It’s in the running for the event because a. I love it so much and b. The event is fall themed…

Which outfit will you choose? Please vote in my Instagram story today @inourstyleblog. I will be sure post my complete (more put-together) look the night of the event so you can see if your choice “won” and also to do the dress justice.

You can shop both outfits in the app by clicking here:

Honoring Alyssa

Nine years. How is that even remotely possible. Nine years ago I received one of the worst phone calls of my entire life. I remember that day unfortunately all too well. I was driving and had to pull over. I was told, a beautiful friend I talked too literally the night before, had passed away.

The numbness I felt when I found out, I still feel it typing this out. A huge weight on my heart. I will never understand how life works in ways that it does. How in a blink, everything changes and life becomes unfair.

Alyssa was one of the most genuine and selfless girls I had ever met. Our time was short, but boy did she put an everlasting place in my heart.

We became pretty close, quickly. It’s just the bond people make with their hairstylists. I think that’s why I truly love what I do so much. She and I would laugh for hours about literally everything and anything.

She was one of the few people who trusted me with doing her hair all those years ago. I will simply never forget how easy it was to talk to her.

I miss her harder each year. Because as my life continues to go on, that’s another day I’m reminded her life was ended too soon. There are things I know I could confide in her or just have her be apart of, and I can’t. I never wanted to imagine a world without her in it. And it’s hard.

Sometimes I feel angry and cheated. Sometimes I accept that things are different now. Sometimes I’m just simply heartbroken.

It’s hard to forget someone who gave me so much to remember in such a short time. She gave me beautiful memories only the two us would remember.

She was a remarkable person who made an impact on everyone she knew.

So today, I plan to honor her

Alyssa always talked about enjoying a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. She never got the chance to try one. So every year, on this day, the official pay it forward day for #ajo I would like to gift a handful of you and pay it forward in her honor.

Even if you never knew Alyssa, we all know someone like her. Someone who has impacted our life to be better, to be transparent, to be helpful, to be happy.

As our world continues to be unpredictable, make today a day of happiness, pay it forward, do a random act of kindness, and just be kind.

Head to our Instagram page to see how you can enjoy a coffee from Starbucks on us 💜

Look For Less

I’m very much into bygone era style, lately I’m truly starting to wonder if I was born in the wrong decade. The 40’s, 50’s and 60’s are most definitely becoming my favorite time periods to look back on for fashion, but most notably the late 50’s and early 60’s.

Grace Kelly has to be one of my favorites from the past. She is stunningly beautiful but also so very elegant. The way she dressed and the way she carried herself are inspirational. She is an icon, and one very clear thing I notice about Grace: most everything, with very few exceptions, is something I would wear presently. It is all extremely classic and ladylike. There’s even a photo of her in a simple button down, denim and brown leather loafers…which is a trio of pieces I wear often. She was also photographed in a lot of neutrals such as cream, camel, navy, black, etc. It just goes to show that investing in classics and neutrals will not let you down!

Her status gave her access to limitless possibilities with plenty of designers and high-end labels to fill her closet. Not many of us have that luxury, so I’ve easily recreated one of her classic looks with pieces I already owned and that are extremely affordable.

From Head to Toe:

Scarf (as a headband): $10.99 from Amazon

Cat Eye Sunglasses: less than $15 from Amazon, in shade Tortoise

Pearl Button Cardigan: This cardigan, unlike some other items you’ve seen me post, actually came with the pearl buttons. I did not, in fact, have to sew my own buttons on. Unfortunately this piece is years old and is by a brand I cannot link. If you search online for any black pearl button cardigan you may be able to find an available version.

White Sleeveless Blouse: I opted for a pique, knit polo from J. Crew for this outfit but this piece could easily be swapped out for a linen or lighter cotton collared blouse.

Khaki Cropped Pants: I love this brand (Briggs) because they are a low price point for a high quality multi-functional piece. These pants can easily go from day to night and the fabric is machine washable, wrinkle resistant, and has a very comfortable stretch to it. Because I’m on the shorter side these “capris” hit me more at a kick-crop length when I’m standing, which I love. And best of all, no need to have them tailored.

Cap Toe Flats: I don’t have to say much about these, they go with everything and you can find this style almost anywhere at a low price point or you can splurge on a Chanel pair which are on my wish list since I wear this style of flats so often.

Click here to shop these items on the app:

How did I do recreating Grace’s poolside look, for less? Minus swapping out her cup of tea for some ice water, I’d like to think I nailed it!
Pardon the car selfie, but I love this scarf and sunnies combo so much- it’s been on repeat all weekend! xo