Boudoir Experience

A photoshoot every woman should experience at-least ONCE in their lifetime.

I wanted my boudoir experience to be powerful. One I could look back on and say, Damn, that’s me. Portraits that define and show strength in myself.

A boudoir shoot can be the first step on the journey of self-love. I think we become oblivious to our own self-worth and sometimes all you need is to take a step back and give yourself some self-care and reassurance.

I came with the mindset that no matter what, it would be a powerful experience and I would love the final result and this confidence really showed throughout my photos. Positive self-talk is also so important, even if you don’t necessarily believe it. Your brain can be a funny thing and turn nervousness into confidence purely through self-talking. Remember, the camera is there to capture and celebrate you, not judge or define who you are.

Stacy in so many words makes you feel so incredibly strong and passionate about this experience. From the moment of the consultation of what I expected from her as the photographer but also the weeks and days leading up to it, I could not imagine it to go any other way. The day of two before my boudoir shoot, I was thinking of canceling it. I was nervous that I wasn’t “where I wanted to be yet” and that I was just not ready. But thankfully, that deposit I did 4 months prior gave me no turning back option.

When I got to the room and was instantly greeted with infectious excitement, smiles and hugs, I knew I made the right decision. From the moment I walked in, my attitude changed from nervous and scared to “I got this” and excitement. That is how comfortable Stacy made me feel.

One thing I loved is that I’m always the girl to try to be a little bit different than everyone else. I’m unique and have always been the one to try the bold approaches. I guess that’s what makes me an “influencer”

So I walked in with my four outfits and my hair in a messy textured bun. I’ll never forget Stacy saying to me, “okay… you’re hair is up. This is new for me.” My reply: “Good 😉 that’s what I was hoping for.”

My main reason for putting my hair up is that hair is an accessory to women, but it’s also a security blanket. Being a stylist, I see it on an everyday basis, INCLUDING MYSELF. When we don’t feel like dressing up, feel good about our appearance, or have the ginormous zit that won’t seem to go away, our hair covers the unwanted.

I wanted this photoshoot to be about ME. Not my appearance or have the perfect hair because I’m a hairstylist, but to show the flaws or insecurities I’ve been having and not hide from them ANYMORE.


I felt empowered, excited, sexy and strong…and now seeing the pictures, I am SO glad I “went through” with this. I have pictures that I will get to love and stare at for the rest of my life. I look amazing, but best of all I feel amazing. I am forever grateful to Stacy for giving me this opportunity…one I will never forget, and highly recommend all to experience.

My session was WAY past expected time, because of how much we enjoyed doing this together. She never forced me out like it was another “job site” and that she was on a strict time crunch. It was so effortless in how it all played out.

I cannot recommend Stacy enough. I feel like I gained a forever friend, and someone who will forever be a hype girl for all the beautiful woman she’s able to capture.

Your perfect time is now, don’t waste another second hesitating to book the appointment!

I say it time and time again, I will ALWAYS be open and transparent to anyone. If this is something you’ve been wanting to do for YOU, you are always welcome to reach out 🖤




Due Date / 40 Weeks

Hey little dude, it’s your Aunt Allie.

Your mama doesn’t know this weeks blog post is about you and her. But I wanted to give you both a little surprise.

Since you haven’t made your grand entrance quite yet, I wanted to tell you how strong your mama really is.

She not only has grown you inside of her perfect body, but she has been the best big sister I could ever ask for. I wrote you both a little letter to show how much I love you both and how excited I am to meet you.

Today is your official due date, but also the blogs 5th Birthday. No pressure, but today could be a really cool day to come 😉

I am so excited for you, and all of the joy, love and changes this baby will bring to you and Patrick. You have waited, wished and prayed for this for a long time and you will soon see it was all worth the wait. Despite frustrations with trying to get pregnant, you remained so loving, sweet and positive, and treated everyone around you with total excitement and happiness. You’ve handled this pregnancy with grace and the requisite good sense of humor needed to power through all of the joys and “joys” of pregnancy. You laughed when you had to roll off the couch and when shoes got challenging. You embraced ditching everything but stretchy leggings in these last few weeks. You know that at this point, comfort wins. I can’t wait to be there with you and watch you and baby Charlie grow and help you in every way I can help. You deserve every tiny, sweet baby moment you’ve waited so long for. I’m sure there is no way to describe the love you will feel for your own child. I’m sure at times it will be overwhelming and amazing and crazy, all at once but I’m sure the first time you hold baby Charlie in your arms, nothing else will matter. You have the kindest heart and you were destined to be a wonderful mother. I believe it’s your sense of purpose. I know I don’t know anything about motherhood, but I’ve watched you, watch me the last 27 years of my life. I wouldn’t be the strong woman I am today without a sister like you. I would not be on my own two feet without your support along the way. This world is forever unpredictable, but I know one thing is certain, your comfort to love another human being is unlike any other. I love you sister. I am so proud of you. You made it full term , 40 weeks of carrying your baby. Don’t be scared, because it’s my turn to take care of you now. You’ve been doing it you’re whole life and I promise to do everything I can to be the person to lean on. Thanks for doing the blog these last five years but also , providing this miracle into all of our lives.

We are all so excited to meet you! I can’t believe you will be here any day now. You have been in the works for far longer than these last nine months. Your mom has always wanted to be a mom, sometimes so bad, she forgot she was my big sister and not my mom. I’m so excited I get to be your aunt! I can’t wait to hold you for the first time and touch your tiny fingers and toes. When you come to visit I promise to have lots of toys, books and treats around. When you are older, I promise to take you to movies and be your fun, crazy auntie Allie. I can’t promise I will never embarrass you in front of your friends or never ask about your love life, but I can promise I will encourage you and feed your imagination and creativity. Uncle Andy will teach you how to play hockey and all he knows about being the cool kid in school. We hope you feel like you can tell us anything and that we can be shoulders to lean on with a room in our house to come stay at whenever you want (especially when your mom is driving you crazy.. I totally get it). My heart can barely contain itself, I’m so ready for you! I can’t wait to hear your little laugh, that makes me laugh harder and louder. I can’t wait to spoil you the way I was spoiled. You couldn’t of come into this world at a better time for everyone. We love you so much lil guy, and we haven’t even met you yet. That’s truly love at first sight. See you so soon CP.

Over the years

It’s been almost SIX years since my friendship with Emmy unfolded. Those six years have been life changing for both of us. Aside from the usual growth as girls becoming adult women, a lot has changed and blossomed.

Over the years Emmy has provided me with endless content of myself. Photographs I will cherish and have for the rest of my life. Moments where I felt insecure, lost and broken, but still smiled for the “perfect content” for this blog.

When I asked Emmy if she would photograph Ange and I for the blog back in 2016, I knew it would be something so great. Not only for Ange and I, but for Emmy too!

I look back on these last six years and humbled to say how much growth I have done and these photos show just that. Emmy, I thank you for that. These photos show timeless images of my smile, my attitude, my different shades of hair color, my bloopers of awkward poses, my fashion trend changes and most importantly my body as a young woman.

Her work is more than just snapping the camera. She is someone who wants you to feel yourself, be proud of where you are in this moment and just have some fun!

True friends just do that – they help us grow and change for the better. They support us in good times and bad. They can make us laugh when all we want to do is cry.

I hope you enjoy this weeks post of timeless memories


If you’re reading this… I’m still pregnant!

They aren’t joking when they say that regular months have an average of 28-31 days but the 10th month of pregnancy… it has 389756 days!


It’s truly a waiting game now, and all I can do is find comfort in being cozy! I’ve been stocking up on some maternity athleisure and loungewear that will double as practical nursing-friendly gear after baby is here.

I’ve linked my recent purchases (all from Amazon!) in the app. You can shop the links here:

I’ve packed both pairs of joggers and nightgowns in my hospital bag and will be wearing the sneakers to and from the hospital too. And you better believe I’ve already broken in the slippers at home!

Mama Mia! Now I really know… my my, I could never let you go!

Old Navy Try On

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a try on for one of my favorite clothing stores. They currently have some awesome sales going on, so I figured today was the perfect opportunity to share some links and my current favorites I recently picked up! Most items today are 30% off but a lot of items are 50% off too 😊

Printed Button-Front Cropped Cardigan

Wearing Size: Girls XL

$34.00 – currently 30% off during checkout!

Relaxed Western Jean Shirt // High-Waisted Super Skinny Jean

Jean Shirt Details:

Wearing the Light Wash in Size Medium

$35.00 – Currently 30% off at checkout!

Skinny Jean Details:

Wearing Pat Color in Size 2 Petite

$35.00 – Currently 30% off at checkout!

Lightweight Sleeveless Sweater Tank Top // Mid-Rise Button-Fly Railroad-Stripe Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans

Sleeveless Sweater Details:


Wearing Dusty Rose Size Small

$19.97 – Currently 30% off at checkout!

Super Skinny Jeans Details:

Wearing Railroad Stripe Size 2 Petite

$16.97 – Currently 30% off at checkout!

Lightweight Sleeveless Sweater Tank Top

Wearing Burnt Ochre Size Small

$19.97 – Currently 30% off at checkout!

Here’s some 50% off items leaving them all to be $20.00!!! I didn’t personally pick them up but we’re definitely worth sharing with y’all today and considering going back today 😆

Every item is on our LIKETOKNOW.IT page 🖤

Third Trimester Essentials

Hi Friends! Happy October! I can’t believe I am just weeks (maybe even days!) away from Charlie’s birth day.

To be entirely truthful, I haven’t really added any new items to my regimen in this last trimester, just sticking to my tried and true products from the first two to help me through. So instead, I’m sharing the products and items I’ve packed in my hospital bag to prepare for the big day. Since the big event is the most important, consider this post my third trimester essentials list.

Not everything I’m packing is pictured. Most of the necessary personal products I’ve packed are available at Target and I linked all items on the app. (Click here)

The custom swaddle and matching mommy-and-me robe and baby outfit are made of the softest fabric EVER. I wasn’t able to link to the site but they are all from Caden Lane.

I’ve also made the following checklist to help other moms-to-be as they also plan and prepare for their arrival, because some days pregnancy brain is real and it’s okay to need helpful reminders so nothing gets forgotten or left behind.

Lastly, the following is a short list of things I was told NOT to pack. With the exception of one item*** I’ll be leaving these non essentials behind at home.

Apparently the hospital gives all the diapers and wipes needed for baby during your stay. We will take advantage of that and save the diapers we have at home. I also heard leggings, though ultimately comfortable, aren’t the best item to wear to go home in (due to the flattering thickness and size of the postpartum mesh underwear and pads 🙈). I’ve opted to pack soft jogger sweatpants and nursing friendly loungewear, plus nursing friendly nightgowns. Along those same lines, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to try squeeze into jeans or anything uncomfortable after labor, plus nice or dressy pieces have the potential to get ruined. I heard there isn’t any time for extra activities, even for distraction purposes. So we are leaving books, movies, laptops, etc at home. Everything we could want to access we could always get on our phones anyway. I’ll be bringing a few snacks for Patrick and maybe for extra energy for me if I’m permitted to eat, but have heard of people overpacking these things. And lastly, I read that the hospital provides lots of pillows to assist with comfort and nursing and that nursing pillows just take up space, but a wise mutual momma friend of mine told me to bring the pillow, even if I don’t use it for nursing it may bring me some comfort to sit on after labor (like a donut pillow!)

And of course to consolidate and organize I’m using my favorite amazon packing cubes to maximize bag space. I linked my bag and the cubes on also. (Click here) Boxes are checked, bag is packed- baby boy, we are ready when you are!!! 💙


Happy Sunday Y’all! Our front porches are looking v fall this morning even though the highs are 80 today 🍁 We are lucky to live in an area with seasons! Winter is coming ❄️ (hehehe)

Shop our decor on the app or simply reading below ☕️

Allie’s Front Door

Wreath: Michaels // Doormat: Amazon // Pumpkins: Boyerts Farmhouse

Angela’s Front Door

Wreath: Hobby Lobby // Doormat: Amazon // Pumpkin + Sign Decor: Hobby Lobby

The Little Man Cave

Today I am sharing a tour of the nursery. It’s almost complete as we continue to prepare to welcome our upcoming arrival. We were so fortunate to have a dear friend and photographer oblige to come to our home to do a maternity and nursery session with us. Check her out here:

All nursery (and outfit) details are linked with this photo in the app. Click here:
Inspired by our (and our families) love for golf, we chose preppy and classic decor and a color palate that he can grow into and easily change as his interests change.
The day I found out we would be welcoming a baby boy, I purchased this gingham Ralph Lauren outfit. 💙 My little preppy gentleman.
Alice is going to be the best big sister!

I hope that you enjoyed this photo tour of the nursery. I’m finally starting to feel more ready to meet our little man. We have 5 weeks to go!

I am considering writing a blog post for next week containing more photos of our maternity portraits. If thats something that you would be interested in seeing and reading, kindly send me a message. Because we had the session taken at our home the photos are meant to be very intimate and special. I love how they turned out and am certainly willing to share more!

Battle of the Baby Registries

Good morning and a Happy September Sunday!

I’m hopeful that today’s post serves as a helpful guide in assisting a new mama-to-be choose where to complete a baby registry. My husband and I registered at both Target and Amazon and I am listing out their similarities and differences, as well as pros and cons to both places.

As an early disclaimer/spoiler: both “WIN” in my book- I still love both retailers and I am glad we chose to register from two places rather than just one, simply for making sure our most wanted items were in stock somewhere and to also allow people shopping for us to have online and in-store options for shopping to suit their preferences.

Similar Features of the Two Registries

1. Completion Discounts: both offer completion discounts of 15% off on any items not purchased off the registries around 2 months before baby’s due date. For both places, though, the discount is limited to 2 uses.

2. Helpful checklists to follow: As first time parents it was helpful for us to have a guide as to what needs purchased to prepare for our baby’s arrival. Both retailers offered this feature so we could make sure we included all the essentials.

3. Received Notifications: both apps notified us when a purchase was made off of the registry and also when an item we chose went out or stock later, so we could choose an alternative or find it on the other retailer’s site.

4. Ship to Us Options: Both Amazon and Target had us plug in our address (which they kept private) that allowed anyone gifting to us from out of town send it directly to our house.


*** The #1 difference between Amazon and Target is that Amazon sent us a free welcome box full of baby goodies like a swaddle blanket, bottles, and samples once $10 of product had been purchased off our registry. I’ve heard that some people have gotten a welcome bag from Target too, but we never did. If anyone knows if I have to do anything to obtain this send me a DM. But when we went into the store to start the registry they didn’t give us anything and they never sent us anything once people started purchasing gifts either.

Target Registry Pro’s

1. Easy to Use App: when we went to our local Target to begin our registry, we were simply told to download the registry app which has a built in scanner. We scanned the items and they saved into our registry. We could go back in to the app once we were home if we wanted

2. Able to See Items In Person: Target’s in-store baby section is beyond helpful. They had really great resources to help us compare and choose products we think will be best for us directly on the displays. It was nice to be able to see things in person too- like the stroller and car seat.

3. Able to Flag Most Wanted Items: I chose our top 10 most wanted items to highlight on the registry that anyone shopping for us could see. 9/10 of our most wanted items were purchased for us which was extremely helpful and wonderful.

Target Registry Con’s

1. Complaints about Shipping: I had numerous people let me know that if they had anything ship from they ran into a weird issue. One friend’s package was lost and never got to her so she had to call and they resent her the item. Two or three other people told us that when the items they chose arrived the boxes and packaging were so damaged they had to return them or go exchange them in store because they were embarrassed to gift something that beat up.

2. You Have to Use a Separate App: though the app was easy to use, the Target registry app is completely separate from the regular Target app for some reason.

Amazon Registry Pro’s

1. Product Selection: Amazon has a seemingly endless selection of products. Seriously their inventory is enormous. At times it was overwhelming but we were glad to have such a massive selection to choose from.

2. Registry in the App: it was so easy to begin our registry and continue to add things because it is in the already existing Amazon app and linked to our account. On every item searched there is always a little blue link to “add to baby registry”

3. Thank You Card Checklist: Since items were exclusively purchased online the Amazon app kept track of who purchased what and had a section for me to check off when I sent a thank you card to that person for the gifts. They also stored the addresses for me to send the cards to which was so helpful.

Amazon Registry Con’s

1. Only Certain Items are Eligible for Completion Discount: When I went to begin purchasing items myself to redeem my completion discount I was disappointed to find that even if an item had been on my registry for all of these months it may not be eligible for the 15% off.

2. It was Important to Choose Prime Items: I found that more non-Prime items went out of stock or changed prices or shipping times a lot more frequently than Prime items. I wanted to keep things easy for people shopping for us and didn’t want anything to be delayed, so I found myself substituting things a little bit more often.

That’s all I have for today. If you have any follow up questions feel free to reach out! To reiterate, I would recommend to new parents having two registries (but no more) to take advantage of retailer perks, ensure that you get the items you want and need, and to give your gifters shopping options.

Second Star To The Right

Last weekend I was showered with love and joy at Baby E’s socially distanced baby shower. I wish I could’ve hugged each and every one of my guests. It meant the world to me that they could share in my excitement, especially this year. There were also some very special people that were unable to make it, but I truly felt their love from afar. I am thankful, grateful, and blessed. I hope you enjoy today’s quick trip to Neverland- I wanted to share some of my favorite details from the day.

We chose a Peter Pan theme because of this quote that will hang in his nursery.

I am so incredibly fortunate to have such a supportive and generous family. This day would not have been as magical or even possible without the following team of ladies:

My mom, mother-in-law, sister, and sister-in-law planned and successfully executed every last detail. The day was full of faith, trust, and pixie dust!

Patrick and I cannot wait to bring our son into this world, where he will be loved by our family and dear friends.